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That Still, Small Voice

Many years ago, I sat in a restaurant contemplating a decision I wanted to make. Deep down I already knew what the answer was, and it was given to me by way of a still, small voice that I had become so familiar, and it spoke to my heart. 274 more words


The Trouble With Mother's Day

Read I John 5:1-6

I look forward to celebrating Mother’s Day on May 11. At the same time, I believe there is a problem with Mother’s Day. 1,159 more words


Damn, They're Doing it Again.... Aren't We Supposed to PROTECT Asylum Seekers??

Two things threatening my blood pressure this week regarding asylum seekers:

#1. This petition: https://www.change.org/p/peter-dutton-stop-the-deportation-of-5-year-old-child-with-ptsd-to-nauru?utm_source=action_alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=299145&alert_id=KUpdVoTnpK_kSyYdlIeZfbakKjPvKEiwIoCtaP8cstY2izhcGYJn9w%3D

To Peter Dutton, the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, 670 more words

My Key Real-World Issues

Choose what is right...

If you want people to believe you, stop telling lies.
If you want to stop telling lies, start telling the truth.
It’s only a matter of choosing what is right from what is wrong.



Love thy customer

Customer service is one of those nebulous concepts that we all know are vitally important to our working lives, but it’s hard to remember that the customer is king when said king is blatantly wrong, plain cussed, or exhibits vulgar taste. 91 more words

Arabella McIntyre-Brown

Fact or fiction? Truth or invention?

With one exception, the pieces on this site are all non-fiction (in other words, factual). Whether they’re true or not is a moot point and could spark a philosophical debate that goes on for a while. 107 more words

Arabella McIntyre-Brown

Is ANYTHING Worth the Death Penalty?

Short answer: NO.

I’m writing this Sunday night, after hearing on the news today that the 72-hour-notice has been given for the executions of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. 425 more words

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