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Do the Right Thing

Yesterday, I wrote about  ‘can’ and ‘should’ a lesson that is learned in middle school and subsequently applied throughout our lifetimes.  ‘Can’ and ‘should’ are based on another fundamental teaching: doing ‘right’ which is learned in early childhood before the start of elementary school education.  531 more words

The Need For Change In Divorce

The moral path of ultimate complexity

Sometimes, when we don’t believe in ourselves we need something else to believe in, which is probably where God came from. Before we were able to explore the universe in as much detail as we are today, there were things that were unexplainable.  1,014 more words


We're All Judges

We’re all judges.

We make judgments continually. We have laws against certain behaviors and actions because they are wrong. Robbery and murder and speeding and drug dealing and extortion and embezzlement, etc., are all illegal because they are wrong. 322 more words


IA : Initiate, by John Darryl Winston

Publisher: Purple Ash Press  |  Publication date: 19th April 2014  |  Edition: Kindle (review copy)

Welcome to Naz’s world – The Enclave – where he’ll come face to face with opponents from all walks of life: gangs, an unsympathetic foster carer, a enigmatic chessmaster, but mostly… 279 more words

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I don’t believe in worshiping people, but I do believe in learning from the giants on whose shoulders you stand.  Here are some people that I admire in order of appearance. 422 more words

Oh no...The inevitable race to the bottom regarding asylum seekers has spread to other countries.

This is the sort of news that makes me want to swear loudly, with several curse words. Shit, damn and f*ck it!
It also makes me very sad. 764 more words

My Key Real-World Issues

Left and Right

I remember, as a child, I was always told to do the right thing. I was told to accept everyone, befriend everyone, to not choose who my friends are. 413 more words

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