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"lookin' good, girl, you losing weight?"

For some reason, I was super excited to go workout today, and now that it’s done I’m still super excited about it. It was a combo day, with a longer session of lifting followed by a short and fast run. 341 more words

The Reluctant Fundamentalist: (Book & Movie)

Firstly: The narrator of this book is the guy who grew up with the Pakistani dream, which is immigration and making a lot of money, and raising his and his family’s standard in the society. 581 more words


On misheard words

<explaining how milk goes from the animal to what we get in the store, in reference to what Polyphemus does in The Odyssey.>

“…of course, I drink skim milk, which has all the fat removed from it.” 21 more words

Stuff High Schoolers Say

On faking ignorance

“Excuse me, did you just refer to a strip club?”
“No, Miss, I don’t even know what a strip club is! What is it? Like a chicken place or what?”

Nice try, kid.

Stuff High Schoolers Say

Things are Looking Up... Or Maybe It's Down... Or Maybe Just Crazy

Well I woke up in a different kind of mood today.  I woke up with complete doubts. I had worked really hard with Ashley yesterday and we absolutely killed my legs!   677 more words


Worst Asian EVER

Queen Bee was telling me about this comedy skit one day. It went and explained if you fall and hurt yourself the person with you is allotted 7 laughs before they offer help and/or concern.

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