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Running on ice!

We got more snow this morning and were given the option to work at home, and so I did (mostly because there was a really unpleasant meeting scheduled– and it was cancelled because everyone was teleworking…) It wasn’t much snow, we got about an inch. 189 more words

On people standing in snow.

<To another student walking into class.>
“I saw your boyfriend waiting for you outside today.”
“He had snow in his hair. He looked like a frosted mini wheat.”

Stuff High Schoolers Say

On The Lion King. Kind of.

“Miss, what’s the name of the father of Zumba?”
“I thought it was Pilates.”

Stuff High Schoolers Say

Monday is Motivational Penguin Day. Obviously.

Found this. Loved it. Put it here. You’re welcome :)

Happy Motivational Penguin Monday!

I'm Free

Me: I left because I wanted to. I’m not happy anymore. I need to focus on me and my life and surround myself with people who want me in theirs as much as I want them in mine.

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Dear Diary

Inspirations from Parks and Rec.

So, my cousins and everyone else I know, have been ranting about how hilarious the show “Parks and Recreation” is. I tried watching it several times, even repeating the first few episodes, and I just could not get into it. 678 more words


Grand exit

Now that The Boy’s car is once again road worthy, whenever I have to go into town for errands, if he goes with, he wants to drive. 181 more words

Real Life