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Series Issues: The Walking Dead 5x16 - Season Finale

Spoilers. It’s the finale. Go watch the show.

The Walking Dead 5×16: Conquer. Yes, it is a good, perhaps even great episode. Of course I gotta nitpick at it, it’s what I do. 1,026 more words

Series Issues

The Walking Dead Season Finale

Holy cow! Walkers

Everywhere one can see

Morgan saves the day. Trust Carol, sunshine

She’s badass and tough as nails

Apocalyptic queen.

Power. Officer

Rick Grimes wears the mantle well… 49 more words



Well that’s it, Season 5 is over. Last night the finale aired leaving us on a big enough cliff hanger that many viewers will probably be left with a gaping ‘O’ face, yet fear not as you know that Season Six will be on its way soon. 620 more words


"Make Way for Generation Z"

I’ll admit it – I’m inordinately interested in generational generalizations and how they play out in society.  I can remember exactly when this curiosity started.  It was early 1998 and… 276 more words


The Walking Dead Finale: You Don't Get Both, Sunshine

Well guys, this is it. The end of an era, and by era, I mostly mean season 5 of The Walking Dead. It’s going to be an adventure because the last episode implies that Rick is about to get kicked out of Alexandria–probably because he’s been full blown coo coo for cocoa puffs for the last episode or so. 1,788 more words

The Walking Dead

Married Men

(Saturday, March 21) “You’re still living with your wife?” I asked.  I tried to keep the shock from showing on my face.  Be cool, I told myself, … 919 more words