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Pheonix Tears

In an attempt to raise awareness of one of the most underrated and iconic men of our generation. The Cannabis Awareness Network is diligently working (unofficially) to support Rick Simpson’s cause, Phoenix Tears. 84 more words

Phoenix Tears

4 Factual Films That May Change Your Perception of Reality. Drastically. #conspiracyfacts

Someone asked me for documentary recommendations just now. I gave them 4 with brief reviews. There are loads I could mention and I first saw all of these a while ago (years) but I mention them cos they’ve all come up on my radar again recently. 324 more words


Rick Simpson: The Cannabis Conspiracy, Hemp Oil Healing and Rockefeller Medecine

Source: The Higherside Chats

Living legend, Rick Simpson, joins THC to celebrate 4/20 by exposing the truth about the mighty marijuana plant, dropping knowledge about the hemp oil “cure all” he is famous for developing, and discussing all the various ways that lifting the marijuana/hemp embargo could benefit humanity. 41 more words


Cannabis Cures Cancer (Secret Fun Fact #0006)

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How Cannabinoids Cause Cancer Cells to Die

Scientific Explanation on How and Why Cannabis can Cure Cancer

Run From The Cure: The Rick Simpson Story… 231 more words


Rick Simpson's Hemp Oil

I recently came across this documentary on Rick Simpson, and his homemade hemp oil. Rick Simpson was just an average Canadian citizen, who had been working at a hospital for 25 years, and one day was covering asbestos on the boiler pipes with duct tape. 836 more words

Run from the Cure - Rick Simpson

“They let the genie out of the bottle with this one, and the big money can’t put it back in.”

A Film By Christian Laurette – After a serious head injury in 1997, Rick Simpson sought relief from his medical condition through the use of medicinal hemp oil. 138 more words