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A Boy Abed

I drew this back in 2011, as practice. An illustration by Richard Scarry in The Golden Book of 365 Stories inspired the drawing. The drawing, in turn, (along with my son Jack, who was four at the time), inspired the poem. 161 more words


Richard Scarry

“Ma and Pa and Pickles and Penny Pig are going on a picnic.  Here comes Ma with the picnic basket.  Please hurry up, Ma.”

I admit, I brought this on myself.   982 more words


Vehicle City

After four flights and associated airports in <36 hours, I returned home depleted but decided that what I did for work Thursday was delightfully rather like being in a… 207 more words


Just For Fun, by Patricia Scarry, illustrated by Richard Scarry

Somewhere in the boxes of my childhood, I have my “original” copy of Just For Fun.  But I hadn’t seen it in so long that I despaired of ever passing the book on, to our son.   675 more words

Grade School

Outreach storytime: Kindergarteners

Here’s what I know about kindergarteners, having a) worked directly with them during the day b) worked in after-school/extended day programs with them c) been one: one, they have lots of energy, two, they have lots of opinions, and three, they have lots to say. 1,005 more words

3rd May - Today In History


1903 Bing Crosby (actor and singer)


1994 Richard Scarry (author and illustrator of children’s books)

On This Day:

1963 “I have a dream” speech delivered by Martin Luther King… 11 more words

Lowly Worm Birthday Party (part 2)

Part one here.

I had high hopes of making party hats for all the kids, but that fell through when I couldn’t find cheap enough material to do so. 477 more words