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Reading while sleeping

From Orfeo (2014) by Richard Powers, an amazing description of reading while on the verge of falling asleep.

  He took up the open book, and once again, for another night, he trained his mind to settle in and read.

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A Package From The USA

I’d been after a copy of a particular book for some weeks when I stumbled across it by chance on eBay one evening. I was a little put off at first however as it was located in the States and I always think that postage overseas seems to be extremely steep when compared to other sources. 353 more words


Weekend Recap: Awards!

GAMES:  Last night was the 4th Annual New York Videogame Critics Circle Awards, and it was a pretty great evening all around.  I was honored and humbled to present the Best Mobile Game award with my buddy Sara Clemens of… 869 more words

Weekend Recap

Orfeo - Richard Powers


An old composer (Els) who has turned his back against making music later in his life and goes into amateur genetics and makes his own bio-lab in his house, which at the start of the novel is raided and he’s made into a “terrorist” on the run. 703 more words

hit the C, then hit it again... and again... and listen... keep listening...

The one piece of analysis that impressed me the most during my time as a sociology student was Ulrich Oevermann’s analysis in ‘Zur Sache’ of the evening news in which he spent pages and pages on laying out the implications and contradictions of the opening line… 389 more words

10 Science Fiction Illustrators You Should Know

We’ve been big fans of Swedish illustrator, animator, and graphic designer Kilian Eng for some time. Eng’s science fiction-inspired artworks are architectural, elegant, and punctuated with electrifying colors. 1,025 more words


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A nice primer on some notables in the field, including my favorite, Richard Powers


Q: “The use of music is to remind us how short a time we have a body.” What do you mean by that?

RP: You start the song, it has a pulse, three-quarter time, one hundred and twenty beats per minute, and you know, even as you round the corner of the first verse, that it’s only going to last for four and a half minutes. 89 more words