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Undercover Blues

One night, Stanley Tucci will be at a Manhattan cocktail party. All his frufru friends and New York Times execs will be telling him what a great artist he is. 74 more words

Movie Reviews

Sparks Notes: Channing Tatum loves Dad, makes us swoon in 'Dear John'

“Sparks Notes” is one hot-blooded woman’s deep dive into the Nicholas Sparks film oeuvre. Each week, we’ll journey through another movie based on a Sparks novel. 1,274 more words

Thoughts on Liberal Arts

College. College, he typed, with a bitter twinge to his fingers. I’ve never been, I never plan to go. Somehow, though, watching Josh Radnor’s… 692 more words


Richard Jenkins On: Budgeting for Non-Budgeters

via Richard Jenkins:

What you’re trying to do with a budget is to prevent overspending, which ultimately leads to piling up debt. Contrary to the way most people budget, however, it rarely matters what you’re overspending on — dining out, entertainment, clothes.

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Cabin in the Woods

This is not your stereotypical teen horror movie. In fact, they make fun of those assumptions in this one. it is one of the few films that gets the science fiction part right, which keeps it interesting. 21 more words

Movie Night With Friends Movie

National Siblings Day - Step Brothers Review - April 10, 2015

There are massive amounts of movies about siblings, and it was hard choosing just one. Going through the movies, I was trying to think not only which movie was the most memorable, but which one focused on that sibling rivalry/friendship.   424 more words


EAT PRAY LOVE (2010): Eat & Love, Clearly The Best Parts

Eat Pray Love had to be watched because I wanted to know the story of a person who chooses to  drastically change their life because what they have no longer makes them happy. 184 more words