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A Journey Through the Book (19) - Norway

One of the attractions they visited in Norway was the location of the Viking graves in Oppland.  This is a picture of the mound with stone markers. 22 more words


First the fairytale; then decide which Richard it's supposed to be about....

OK, ‘having a go’ at Richard, will earn a response. Well, why not? All’s fair in love and war. So the above is an imagined image of Richard III. 1,686 more words

10 Strange Facts About Famous Historical Villains

This is from ListVerse.

I knew about Capone’s soup kitchens during The Depression.

I knew about Custer having a child with an Indian woman.

In spite of the headline I do not consider George Armstrong Custer a villain, but a soldier doing his job. 2,134 more words

Visit to Fotheringhay - Part 3, Exploring the Church of St Mary and All Saints

It was early afternoon in deep winter when I pulled up to the church of St. Mary and All Saints in Fotheringhay, the sun was already low in the sky and frost remained on the ground. 905 more words


Remembrance of a Wedding

Remembrance of a Wedding

In the sleepy village of Stanford in the Vale, now in Oxfordshire, but formerly within the boundaries of Berkshire, stands one of the lesser known Ricardian sites. 671 more words

Edward IV - no pussycat!

I find it – interesting, shall we say – that some people are so keen to hate Richard III that they tend to play down the fact that his brother, Edward IV, was at least as ruthless, if not more so. 363 more words

Visit to Fotheringhay - Part 2, A History of the Church of St Mary and All Saints

Foundation of the present church

Fotheringhay has had centuries of connections to the great and powerful since before the Norman conquest, and it is the York dynasty that lived in the nearby castle whose presence made it a bustling and important village. 774 more words