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Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut (2006)

Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Loses cinematic appeal.

When I was going through the entireĀ SupermanĀ anthology a while back, I reviewed them based on what the general masses have seen, which was more or less the theatrical versions. 695 more words


My Favourite Films #35: Lethal Weapon 2

This movie means a lot to me, partly because I’ve watched it repeatedly and also because it’s one of the few movies that has made me cry as an adult. 1,035 more words

Favourite Films

'Sons of Soldiers' Football Movie in the Works with Richard Donner (EXCLUSIVE)

Richard Donner, Derek Hoffman, Bobby Sabelhaus and John Zaozirny are developing drama “Sons of Soldiers,” centering on a high school football team at Fort Campbell, Ky., and the impact of the players’ parents serving in the military. 429 more words



Director of Photography: Geoffrey Unsworth

Director: Richard Donner

Perfect Shots

Some Meandering Thoughts on the Damaging Absence of Clark Kent

Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie (1978) is an essential piece of cinematic, and superheroic, history; it made its audience believe that a man could fly. The apocryphal tale is that Donner made the cast and crew chant ‘verisimilitude’ on set, he wanted everyone involved in the production to know that in order for the audience to engage with, believe in, and indeed fall in love with, characters like Superman they needed to believe that they could exist in the real world, that they were like you and me. 1,688 more words


Which Movie Superman Is Really Super? Here Are Some Interesting Box Office Numbers

As anyone who knows me or who has read much of my writing here will know, I’m not one who is all that concerned with box office returns. 873 more words


16 BLOCKS (2006)

Director of Photography: Glen MacPherson

Director: Richard Donner

Perfect Shots