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Best of the '70s: The Godfather (1972)

Crime, Drama

18th August 1972 – 175 Minutes – IMDB Rating 9.2

“The aging patriarch of an organized crime dynasty transfers control of his clandestine empire to his reluctant son.” 982 more words


The Omen

The best synopsis of The Omen comes from Eric Forman in That ’70s Show: “The little kid’s the devil, they have to kill him, watch the movie.” 230 more words


Action 857 - Bizarro World no end

Johns, Donner and Powell conclude the Bizarro World story in Action 857 (Early Dec. 07).

The Bizarro Justice League wade into the fray against Bizarro and Bizarro Doomsday, but are far too useless and incompetent to have any effect, aside from inducing laughter. 123 more words

Action 856 - how Bizarro World no come to be

Johns, Donner and Powell continue the Bizarro World story in Action 856 (Nov. 07).

In this issue, we see how Bizarro left Earth and went into space, carving himself a square planet, and using his Bizarro Vision on himself to populate it. 88 more words

Action 855 - Bizarro no take Pa Kent

Johns and Donner return, along with Eric Powell on the art, for a three-part story that takes Superman to Bizarro World.

Bizarro comes to Earth and kidnaps Pa Kent, bringing him to Bizarro World.  118 more words

Action 845 - Bizarro no come for boy

Johns, Donner and Kubert continue with Last Son, the story of a new Kryptonian boy on Earth, in Action 845 (Jan. 07).

Clark wants to raise the child, but Lois insists that it would be impossible.  138 more words

Action 844 - a young Kryptonian boy lands on Earth

Geoff Johns is joined by Richard Donner, the director of the original Superman movie, and Adam Kubert as a new Kryptonian gets introduced, in Action 844 (Dec. 139 more words