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24. away. with the faeries

the people of the house are away and i am alone in this big ol’ house – barlow is off somewhere or other, been gone a while now – will ‘e ever be back, i wonders? 434 more words


Bethlem Gallery and Museum of the Mind - now open

Bethlem Gallery and Museum of the Mind in the grounds of the Royal Bethlem Hospital is now open! Many millions of pounds and movements of delicate works later, and the finished result is spectacular. 308 more words

Self Taught Art

Sunday Morning --- Victoriana of the Week

This is a sad story.  The painting, “The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke,” was painted by Richard Dadd during the 43 years he spent in psychiatric hospitals. 90 more words


Richard Dadd - The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke

We are covering the subject of folklore and the Victorian interest in fairies.  There is a positive correlation between periods of an unsettling amount of change (war/economic and social change) and the reprised interest of fairies and folklore. 254 more words


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Wrote this in my college journal - fascinating story