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It's about time I watched About Time

So About Time came out two years ago now. About Time is a film written and directed by Richard Curtis, who yet  again creates another one of his irresistibly charming Romantic Comedies. 683 more words



As far as movies your girlfriend is going to drag you to, Richard Curtis’ new movie About Time is… okay. It isn’t good but it isn’t terrible, and that’s due in large part to… 601 more words


Trash Blu-Ray Review (The Hollywood News)

Political corruption and intrigue form the backdrop to Trash, an involving action thriller set apart by two things. First, the unusual location – the slums of Rio De Janeiro, dominated by their mountains of litter. 582 more words

A Timely Monday

It’s ironic – I made a rough plan of future blog posts and today is supposed to be about time, and, yet, I spent the whole day fretting about this and that, and really not making the most of my time.  401 more words


Christmas Book!

We met for a Christmas story at Ceres environment park and read “The Empty Stocking” by Richard Curtis. WE made Christmas decorations, ate treats and turned somersaults and cartwheels.

Capsule review: 'Trash' is an energetic and gritty crime thriller

If there’s one prime thing I’ve noticed about the way we produce films, it’s that we’ve rendered ourselves unable to make films of certain things. 596 more words


A Fleeting Touchstone: Bridget Jones's Diary

Sometimes I cannot help but feel sympathetic for the romantic comedy genre, constantly bombarded with products that depend on formula and ambitious casting to appeal to the mass market. 623 more words