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"Extinction is Forever": Not a Tagline

The beauty in our lives is disappearing. But I say let’s do what we can do. There are many who feel the hopelessness of it. I feel it too. 628 more words


#TweetForTaiji - Can Social Media Help End the Dolphin Slaughter?

Ric O’Barry is the man responsible for training the dolphins used in the popular 1960’s tv show Flipper, and due to the show’s success, O’Barry is now paying a personal price. 410 more words

Dolphin Slaughter

Activists Deliver White House 1 Million Signatures Calling to End Japan’s Dolphin Slaughter

Image Credit: imgkid

After The Cove revealed the horrific practice of dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan, in 2009—winning best documentary at the Academy Awards and other accolades—the film’s leading activist, Ric O’Barry, was certain the… 373 more words


The Cove

The Oceanic Preservation Society‘s (OSP) documentary/crime filmThe Cove, directed by Louis Psihoyos presents its audience with the gruesome details of the capture and slaughter of dolphins by local fisherman in Taiji, Japan. 473 more words

In Memory of the Dolphins Lost in "The Cove" Hunting 2014-2015

By Kirsten Massebeau

As another year of the Taiji dolphin drive hunting season ends dolphin activists worldwide take time for reflection as they contemplate and remember dolphins families and victims lost since September 1st. 1,136 more words


Weekend To-Do (Good) List: Circus Edition!!!

As you probably know, Ringling Bros.’ parent company made the startling announcement this week that they will be ending all elephant performances by 2018. We all celebrate this victory after years of petitioning, protesting, and increasing public awareness. 537 more words

Ask CNN To Report on The Captive Selection and Slaughter Of Bottlenose Dolphins and Pilot Whales In The Cove

By Kirsten Massebeau

Today the roar of the banger boats, and the black smoke was an unwelcome sight to dolphin advocates on the ground in Taiji, Japan as the dolphin hunting boats known as  moved into formation. 1,165 more words