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Got Rhythm?

Music and dance are in almost everything we do. Music, that’s for everyone. Dance, not so much.
When I say dance, I don’t mean the ‘hands in the air’ stuff. 274 more words


Tides of Change

With my bare toes in this fresh water
I can feel the rising global tide

I sometimes sip from this ocean
sometimes bathe
or climb on to a rock and rock myself away… 74 more words


Bandas norteñas stepping up the rhythm

I got into this band from Culiacán Grupo 360 about three years ago. I think they’re great for a few reasons. First, they use more tone-leading –on both bajo sexto and accordion –and minor chords, which makes the music more emotional and interesting than that produced by older groups relying on the tonic and seventh (except in the case of great singers like Cadetes de Linares). 229 more words

Dance The Night Away

So… this may be wishful thinking considering my fiance and I have very little sense rhythm, but I would really like to do a fancy-shmancy first dance at our reception. 127 more words


Lawless Dimensions

Is it possible that our dreams grant us that which we are denied by reality? Should we pay attention to dreams that show us the image of what is to come? 1,482 more words

African Lowlands

A Trust Concerto

(the strange form of this poem has its reason)

Flutes are whistling

In the cold winters of Trust
A warm wind mix with the cold weather… 176 more words


Sequence 22


This is a tricky one.

Cajon, a box basically and a deeply resonant space. I was not playing the cajon but it’s 2nd or 3rd reflected derivative… 7 more words