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My Favorite Meal

I think my favorite meal,
of all the meals I’ve ate,
is whatever food I find,
sitting on my plate.



Where did I come from?

I’m not black

I’m not white

I’m not Puerto Rican

When I leave the country

They ask me nationality

My confusion compiles

I’m not American… 171 more words


Flidjit Fladjit Dance

Dance flidgit my fladjit wit all yer might

Okay, so der two step moves ain’t zactly right

Dat’s okay, dat’s alright

‘Cause we dance flidget fladjit on de town tonight

Carpe Diem Special #139 - Santoka Taneda's "the dragon flies"

dragonfly hovers
displaying superb colour
delight of nature

acrobat display
as dragonfly flaps its wings
such charming pleasure



Street Food - BJ’s Shadorma & Beyond – Sijo

Trying street food in the Philippines is fun but challenging
Emerge yourself by tasting some weird food like balut and kwek-kwek
But also be prepared to have some belly ache afterwards… 60 more words


The Fox

I can’t hear you. I’m sorry. What did you say?

No don’t repeat yourself. I’m kidding.

I made you look like a fool; a game I play… 108 more words

Free Verse