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Three Places To Spot A Ford Pickup (2015)

1. On the range.
2. At the bar.
3. In French Army.
S. African made-
Payload capacity,
top grade.


Practice It Right-Let's Be Polite (131)

In accord-

It’s best for all of us to live life above board.



The Moles Down Below

A family of moles
Lived down below
Digging their tunnels
And taking life slow

One day a rabbit
Poked his head down
Calling after the moles… 302 more words


Three On The Water (2015)

1. Sailboat.
2. Ship.
3. Ferry.
To once again see-
Trips from Havana
to Miami.


Mistake Or Design

There’s a noise I can’t explain coming from the floor below
Where the crazy woman’s pacing everywhere she goes,
I hear mutters in the morning and curses deep at night… 127 more words


Three For Change (2015)

1. Ideas.
2. Population.
3. 20 dollar bill face.
Before 1928, another face
on hand-
Grover Cleveland.