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BADASS 19TH CENTURY WOMEN: Lucretia Coffin Mott (Part III)

We had a bit of a break–due to vacation and Spring Break, so sorry!–but we are back with Part III of my mini Serious Saturday… 1,185 more words


Do Things Want?

Alan Jacobs’ 79 Theses on Technology were offered in the spirit of a medieval disputation, and they succeeded in spurring a series of stimulating responses in… 2,391 more words


A Way to Undermine Cicero

If I were in Catiline’s shoes while he was being criticized by the great master of rhetoric, Cicero and his daunting words, I would have tried to get in a few daunting words of my own in order to try to undermine Cicero. 204 more words

Western Literature 1

Muslim 'No-Go Zones' in US Cities, Says NRA Speaker

TheLipTV, Apr 2015

Islamic extremists are invading US cities, according to Author Steve Tarani who said that he had witnessed Muslim “no-go zones” while shadowing a Detroit Metro SWAT team in Dearborn, Michigan….

Time: 04:49

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Haiku Series, #8

Photo taken by Andrew Joseph Pegoda, December 25, 2004, Lake Jackson, Texas

Blue snow memories
Mysterious nature’s calls
Sound circles of life

Memory’s blue snow… 26 more words

Thoughts And Perspectives


Articulus (ar-tic’-u-lus): Roughly equivalent to “phrase” in English, except that the emphasis is on joining several phrases (or words) successively without any conjunctions (in which case  96 more words

Figures Of Speech

Mistaken Rhetoric: Cavendish's Observations Upon Experimental Philosophy

Our reading group this week tackled Margaret Cavendish’s Observations Upon Experimental Philosophy (1666). Since I started reading Cavendish (many years ago, now), I’ve always been struck by her prefatory material—first, just the sheer amount of it for any given text and, second, her emphasis on mistakes. 1,321 more words