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Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers is a famous rock band originally from Los Angeles. They have been playing music since 1983 and have delivered many different styles of music to their fans over the many years. 263 more words

Half Time | Super Bowl XLVIII

2/3/2014 – If you ask any of my friends the top ten things I’m interested in, sports would probably not be mentioned on their lists. Probably not even on a top 15 list. 606 more words

Blog Post

Feeling nostalgic

Hello there🌹! How is your day going?

Today I’m feeling a little bit nostalgic. most of the time, nostalgia is considered to be a bad feeling and I don’t understand why… However, I think that you can only feel nostalgic about good things or situations you have experienced and the good people you have met that you miss. 165 more words


8-Bit Memories

Memory is a funny thing. Many people say that scent is a strong trigger for memories and I’d agree with that. For me, the smell of pine trees and oranges means Christmas time. 495 more words


Another Public Service Announcement

And now another public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood pop-off:

Any dude over the age of 25 who tells you he doesn’t sing “I got a vag diseeaaase…” as the opening line to Soul to Squeeze by RHCP is lying straight to your face. 285 more words