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Writer's Wednesday: Rephrasing Juliet

Hi Rams! We are launching a new weekly series with our beloved poet Chase Ambler revolving around writing exercises. Each week, Chase will present a new writing exercise fresh off the press! 641 more words

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Replacing the Mangekyou Sharingan

With The Ideal Mangekyo Sharingan, several doujutsu were overwritten to make for my preferred version i.e. Kagutsuchi, Kotoamatsukami, Izanagi, Izanagi and Kamui. This comes with the problem of how certain events in the manga would play out without their existence. 261 more words

Rewriting Naruto

The Ideal Mangekyou Sharingan

Ultimately, I didn’t like how the Mangekyou Sharingan developed after Part 1. The foreshadowing of what it would become didn’t match the direction it went and my expectations were betrayed. 529 more words

Rewriting Naruto

5/24/15 Three rewritten ones

seashells in a jar
leavings of lives, countless lives
catch the dawn light


this lotus survives,
embraced by muddied shallows
all else washed away…
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"Soldiers of Fortune" - Final Logline

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Greetings, Movie Buffs!

The other day I mentioned how a formula from a contact helped me put a logline into working order. With that out of the way, I can move forward with the project. 477 more words


The name's Piphany. E. Piphany

Progress on the first draft of the low-budget comedy spec has been slow but steady; averaging about 2-3 pages a day. It’s a smart move to accept the fact that the first draft of anything you write is going to suck, because it always does. 423 more words


Removing index.php from Magento URL's

This should be the default behaviour, if you ask me, however no one asked me.

Log in to the admin panel, and navigate:

System > Configuration > Web > Search Engine Optimization… 58 more words