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Sigh...and then they pull me back in

Sigh…so failed that last exam :(

Can’t say I didn’t have a feeling it might end up that way – there were a bunch of questions that I felt really 50/50 on, and after talking to my classmates I kind of felt I’d edged the wrong way on a few of them.   579 more words

Medical School

June Progress

I’ll just cut to the chase and say that in June I didn’t lose a pound and I wrote 19 pages. Woohoo!

Not my best month for my goals. 706 more words


A whole lot of something out of an almost-nothing

A bit of a snag had developed in the rewriting of outline for the pulpy adventure spec. A certain aspect of the story had proven to be too simple, as in “not complicated enough” or “lame half-assed, last-second placeholder”. 269 more words



“Saffronization fears over history textbooks rewrite plans” http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/education/news/Saffronization-fears-over-history-textbooks-rewrite-plans/articleshow/47792475.cms #History #Textbooks #India #Revision

Picture credits: http://ncertbooks.prashanthellina.com/12_History.html


The Cup of Life - Chapter 1

Jane Delamarre stood at the sink in the small kitchen of her three-room apartment. Holding a pot of coffee in her hands she looked out of the window, watching the receding figure of her daughter on the street. 6,107 more words

Chapter 1

On the waiting game for writers

If you’re anything like me then you wait a lot. You wait for ideas to grab you, you wait for the writers block to disappear. You wait for distance from your script before you start to edit, you wait for someone else to look it over for you, you wait for their feedback. 700 more words


Hacking JavaScript minimization in legacy Asp.net applications

I was recently working on an application where front-end performance had become a concern. Now there are various techniques to improve front-end performance of your web application. 811 more words