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The Caution Seldom Err or Write Great Poetry

Conventional behaviour might yield average good or bad results but only unconventional can produce above average or below average results. What kind of investors do you want to be? 109 more words


The Rewarding Things About Growing Up

Growing up, it is one of the hardest things a person will have to do. Yet, growing up is also one of the most rewarding things to do as well. 331 more words

New Beginings

Credit Card Shenanigans

Those who shop with me or barhop with me know that I never use cash for purchases.  Some personal finance writers will advocate a return to cash for simplicity’s sake–they contend that paying with cash prevents you from spending more than you intended in a given outing.   576 more words

Seattle Couple Realizes After Three Months They've Got A $1M Powerball Ticket

You know how they say, “You can’t win if you don’t play?” That’s true, but you also can’t really win unless you remember to check your ticket. 198 more words

Ways to save at the Pump

Here we go again… another summer of rising gas prices. So unless you have a hybrid then you are looking for some ways to save on filling up your gas tank. 661 more words

Exxon Gas

For the Open-Minded  People

I have an open mind. I thought this was a good thing, because my life wouldn’t be so narrow. I learned a lesson: People will try to stuff your mind with things, whether good or bad, and you’re forced to believe and act as if it’s normal, because you have an open mind. 374 more words

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