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Happy Independence 

The fourth is a time for family, fun, and celebration so let’s us all enjoy this day to the fullest

The Hill

Smoke and countless particles of debris rose from the previously barren peak to seemingly cover the entire field of battle…

Although my vision was terribly limited, I could hear the cries of men seeking shelter from the bombardment and the endless onslaught of Redcoats. 324 more words

Attemps At Being Serious

Beware, fashion shows can be morbid

Chubby women wanted

by beausex legrand

Let us not confuse things. “Thinness” in women started to be praised among the poorest segments of the population. It represented the state in which “honest” women would fall under corrupt political systems. 439 more words

Bipolar Essays

Lots of Fill-in-the-Blank

Here’s something fun on Independence Day. Today celebrates the spirit of ’76 and the spirit of revolution in the US. One of my favorite “half-films” (where one likes the first half or last half but not the other) is The Matrix (I liked the first half), which started a trilogy ending with “Revolutions” (of which I liked neither half). 103 more words


soul revolution

A soulmate revolutionizes your soul. Else, that’s just a friend.

CD: Acoustic Revolution - Finally Folk

Das Trio um Tom Logan, Germar Thiele und Dennis Hornung, hat mit diesem Album zum ersten Mal ein Album auf den Markt gebracht, welches komplett ohne Schlagzeug oder Effekte auskommt. 224 more words


Manifest Disney

As we mark another Independence Day in America, it’s worth reflecting on the meaning of our country’s much-trumpeted exceptional status. The United States, after all, wasn’t ever conceived as an organic nation, but as a revolutionary construct, the herald of a dawning Novus Ordo Seclorum. 564 more words