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It sounded so exotic to me...

It sounded so exotic to me…the jungles, the flowers, the Amazon, tropical drinks by an invisible edge pool…but when I actually went to South America I found the truth of the place to be something quite unexpected. 8,185 more words

Historical Research

Wake up. Get Real. The planet needs you.

A distinctive haze hangs in place of the halo over man’s head. A haze filled with uncertainty, despondency, a sense of waiting. We don’t see each other anymore, no, we see a section that needs fixing. 948 more words


Greening of America, the 1969 Book by Charles Reich

Greening of America

Charles Reich said the Green Revolution had already begun spreading rapidly through society by 1970, bending it towards a more humane community of reasoning individuals in touch with themselves, each-other, and Nature. 95 more words

Book Reports

The Indigo Evolution

There are many ways to approach a conflict in life. Sometimes we struggle against the flow of forces, creating waves in the pond to fulfill our needs. 269 more words


Joko Teach-In at AFIBA Center, July 11 & 12, 4 PM-6 PM

A July Joko Two Day Teach-in:

“Modern Revolutions and the African: Our Agency, Our Centrality, Our Outcomes”

Featuring a commentary via Skype from the prolific and celebrated historian Dr. 117 more words

Culture And Education

Chris Hedges: Liberals are a Dead Force, Part 1

Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

TheRealNews on Jul 6, 2015

On Reality Asserts Itself, Chris Hedges discusses his new book with Paul Jay. In part one, they focus on the revolutionary significance of the life of Tom Paine, a man who understood the moral imperative of revolt and was willing to pay the price.

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Weekend bargains!!!!!!!!!!

Hi peeps hope you all had a great weekend. As I mentioned in my last blog I was spending the weekend with my mum and sister, as usual with us it turned into a little bit of shopping too :) and I was able to pick up a few good bargains. 377 more words