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Maths Twitter Party!

As S Club 7 said – “there aint no party like a Maths revision Party”

It will be the best 1 hours revision you will do this year – 100% money back guarantee!

How To Avoid Revising

It is getting to that time of year when I am looking for anything I can fill my time with that is not revision. This usually involves several hours of me being sat on my bed, staring at inanimate objects and thinking about things that no sane person should spend that long thinking about. 397 more words


Revision Help and Top Tips

Study help!

When I was at school I would search the web on ways on how to successfully revise. I feel like teachers nowadays expect us all to know how to revise for an exam. 570 more words


The Sounds of Spring

After the world celebrated Record Store Day last weekend I thought it was only fitting to let you all know what I’m listening to at the moment. 857 more words


Pros and Cons of Revision Methods for Exams

Because everyone has different learning styles, everyone will find different revision methods work for them. What you might rely on might be awful for your best friend. 159 more words