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GCSE Astronomy


Gabe sat his GCSE Astronomy exam, which makes up over half of the marks. Revision for the exam seemed to be a process beyond his comprehension. 222 more words


Compare and contrast Alkali metals with Asiatic elephants

It is that time of year again; revision, revision, revision. That time of year when every student’s house is pristine and they actually answer the phone to chat to their parents. 549 more words


The Know-it-all, the Skimmer, the Ego-stroker, the Drama Queen and the Sparrow Fart

“That’s not how I do it,” I would whine.
“Well, how you’re doing it isn’t working,” my mother/father/brother/ husband responds
“But it does work…it worked before. 971 more words


Mind Maps and Homemade Stir Fry

As has been the case for the last few weeks today was predominantly occupied by revision, however today is the last day that this will be true for this year! 282 more words

Exam week!

Hi it’s Isabelle!

In my school, I have just had a whole week of exams! But now I am done! Yay! I going to show you some of my exam tips and essentials, but really, most of you reading this will be older than me, so any tips you have I would love to read! 155 more words


H E A R T O F D A R K N E S S - J O S E P H C O N R A D

S U M M A R Y 

Humanity/civilisation against savagery

Imperialism and colonial conquest

Conrad: 1890 = master mariner working on Belgian Congo

1880 -1900: The Scramble for Africa = colonization by Europe (located on frontier of social and historical tensions) 493 more words