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Blue Ruin

As far as revenge stories go, this one was a bit different.

When we first meet Dwight, the protagonist, he is sleeping in his car and eating from garbage cans. 209 more words


Revenge Tastes Like a Delusion

When someone you love dies, it feels like part of you dies with them – the pain is so strong that your heart cracks and bleeds and your lungs fill up with bile. 4,642 more words


Karma and My Moral Compass

I had a phone conversation with someone I care cared about. He said something hurtful and unnecessary. The motive to why he said it was lost on me. 510 more words

Shouldn't All Business Be Conducted Like the Show Revenge?

Unlike the rest of the country, I missed the big ABC “Revenge” revenge-o-lution years ago. I recall, when it came out people couldn’t get enough.  I missed a few episodes and was clearly too lazy to even try to catch up.   573 more words

Emily Thorne

Roommate Misadventures - Chapter 28

Not Our Kind of Drunk People

S sat on the couch with her headphones on and indie music blasting in her ears. She just wanted to forget that last night had ever happened. 635 more words


Poem draft: 'Revenge'

So in the whirlwind of travelling I am neglecting this blog – not good! I promised I wouldn’t, but the days slip by so fast, and then suddenly I realise I’ve not posted in over a MONTH?! 140 more words

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