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A Review of "Disney's Obligatory Fairytail Live-Action Remake #2234"

When I first heard about this film I was most certainly not exited… I thought it was going to be like “Maleficent” and reverse the roles or turn it into some crappy action film… Like make Cinderella turn into Iron Man at the end or something… 810 more words


My thoughts on the Parks and Recreation Finale (SPOILERS!)

So I finished Parks and Recreation finally. I didn’t cry as much as I figured. Weird, right? Usually T.V. finales make me cry my face off. 432 more words


Crypt3 Review

Crypt3 Review

Thibault Serlet


Crypt3 is free file encryption program for Macintosh.


Originally sold for $6.99 and close sourced, Crypt3 was designed by Steve Dekorte. In August 2014, Dekorte made the source… 61 more words


On Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly

   While sitting at the bar inside my local Starbucks a young woman stood next to me conversing on her phone about Kendrick’s album.  She distilled the incredible complexity of the themes, issues, traumas, and everything else packed in the album to 2Pac’s suggestion that America will have to face violent race riots of magnitudes never before seen.   174 more words


Banggood Hand cushion rest pillow

I got this at the same time as I got my practise hand; I wasn’t really sure how usefully this was going to be for me personally as when I do my nail art I keep my hand flat on the surface so I have more control over what I was doing, but I do my friends nails a lot, we get together a few times a week to mess around with nail art and just have a girly time. 337 more words

Nail Art

Banggood Flexible Silicone Hand

I recently got the “Nail art flexible silicone hand” from Banggood.com (http://www.banggood.com/Nail-Art-Practice-Hand-Flexible-Silicone-Prosthetic-Hand-p-79244.html). This hand measures roughly 22.5cm in length and 7.5cm in width. I’ve used this practise hand a few times when practising my nail art. 470 more words

Nail Art

The Loft

I’ve actually seen a lot of movies recently and I forgot about my blog, so I’m going to try and catch up! I have actually seen The Loft twice, but I didn’t really want to see it to begin with and I definitely didn’t think it deserved a second viewing. 108 more words