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1st March 2015

Sometimes we feel really close to God – maybe in prayer or in worship. But the feeling fades.

We shouldn’t be surprised – that’s the way we humans are. 27 more words

Thought For The Day

Warming up: March-ing Into My Return

First let me say that the pun is totally intended. ;) As March hits our doorsteps, so too do I start hitting my keyboard keys again. 220 more words

Musing Moments

One step forward, or one step back...

Something happened today that threw everything out the window… again. For the millionth time this week. I recieved a text… From her.

Granted, the text was actually sent whilst I was playing ice hockey, meaning I didn’t look at it until well after the game, and after a couple of hard-fought beers. 311 more words


Adrian Peterson Eligible to Return

Article by Ben Goessling of ESPN.com and the Associated Press


 On Thursday February 26th, 2015 a Federal Judge overturned the denial of Adrian Peterson’s appeal for reinstatement. 523 more words


Winter's End

I am celebrating the last day of February with a little fairytale illustrated with ice photos captured this morning.

As winter dragged on and people and animals had little food left, one brave woman decided to trek to the ice dragon’s cave.  294 more words


"The Return" is out and I didn't notice?

Emotional Overload!! SETH HAS HIS OWN BOOK!! Emotional Overload!!

Okay, I know what you’re going to say. It’s a stupid greek-mythology book with  stupid love triangle’s and way too much action. 458 more words

By The Way

Homeward Bound!

I am making my way home today!

I officially gave up with the Chinese embassy earlier this week. They really don’t make it easy, and I got frustrated and ended up cancelling the Shenzhen trip. 191 more words