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Micropoetry - Return

Micropoetry – Return

Tides whisper

Return bright shining glimpses

Of light

Disappear into night

Sink into the deep

Dark pools of your eyes

© Ann Bagnall and AnnieB222.com, 2015. 12 more words


may wanted a return

real into the eyes

where it was the leaving

and those of the strength

and where it was the pursuit

and how it heard

of the  meeting of the need… 42 more words


return favor

best capture

and being of the  something

and its own doing

and how it was the crazy

and its own insane

and where it was the theme… 43 more words


Our Hopes and Dreams Are Out There Somewhere

I’m returning to Vietnam to intern again.  Last year was a lot of exploring; this year, I plan on investing – with the language and kitchen recipes, in particular. 29 more words


Yes, I am alive. Call off the search party!

I have admittedly been as dormant as the Yellowstone Volcano, but I am back and ready to erupt with genius blogging ideas. 189 more words

minutes and seconds

Here I am. Summer has arrived and so have I.

I am busier than I’d like to be, but I am happy with where I am. 168 more words


The Big Event 

That rain is ready for us
This reign is here
He is Coming
Readiness working
Out the wrinkles…
His Spirit
Wetting our appetites
For Truth… 130 more words