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Microsoft announces Office 2016 for Mac Preview, download now available

Microsoft has announced today that the Office 2016 Mac Preview is now open to everyone and if you want to try out the new bits, hit the source link at the bottom of this post. 258 more words

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Macbook Pro with Retina Display!

Whoa. i’ve been an Apple Fanboy! I got my very first iPhone in 2009 when i was in college – iPhone 3G then 3GS. I skipped the cycle of iPhone since the introduction of camera-centric Nokia N8! 261 more words

The ‘why’ of moving to the Apple ecosystem

I still remember the first ‘smartphone’ I owned. It was a BlackBerry 8700v and compared to my current iPhone 6+ it was astonishingly bad!

It didn’t have Wi-Fi or a camera, it lacked 3G or any form of standardized software that helped to increase usability and it was fairly obvious even back then that the Java platform the BlackBerry was running on should have long since been retired from active service. 897 more words

New study: scientists discover that inverted retina / blind spot is not a "bad design"

Here’s what atheist Richard Dawkins says about the inverted retina:

Any engineer would naturally assume that the photocells would point towards the light, with their wires leading backwards towards the brain.

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I think this is from Windows 8..

While checking this page for a Mac Book Pro, I noticed something familiar. Ah. Yes. Their the Mac Book Pro was using a Windows 8 wallpaper! 19 more words



Ok, I am seriously flabbergasted at all the attention one dress can get on social media.  Is it white and gold or black and blue.  I really didn’t understand all the fuss until I asked my boyfriend what colors he saw.   109 more words


CommonFloor introduces virtual reality for consumers in real estate

CommonFloor.com, an online real estate platform introduced CommonFloor Retina, world’s first virtual reality innovation in real estate. This technological breakthrough offers ‘real’ property experience for the seekers allowing them to view/review/assess multiple properties from anywhere at any point of time. 318 more words

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