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My Internet Has Gone Out...Again.

Ever since my wife and I moved into our apartment, we have had nothing but trouble with our service. Not only am I paying for internet I cannot use, have I had to deal with it going in and out every few weeks. 1,012 more words


It began when my jeans didn’t fit anymore.  I’ve been good – I really have!  Okay, I had 2 slices of pizza this week, but that should not have done that much damage.  331 more words


Chasing the Sun

I’ve always thought of myself as a night person.

My mind comes alive when the sun goes to bed and the stars are privy to my best conversations (Yes – I think talking out loud to the sky is one of the best forms of therapy). 1,125 more words

The Importance of the Nap

~by Dr. Greg Steiner

In today’s society, there’s an unbelievable amount of pressure for an individual to always be on the go, high energy, and moving 100 miles per hour.   472 more words

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Both And

Dear Sabbath Seekers,

Lately, I have been noticing how often I think in either or terms.  Either I clean the house or take a nap.  Either I read a book or I write a blog.  491 more words



Like the night you invite me to rest my head, burdened by the weight of distressing sorrows, on the pillow of your pallid breast, which is bare and unmoving with the stillness of death that is eternal life, you offer a response which relieves the torment of the soul that is condemned to wait. 204 more words