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Day 280

I love Bunny because she encourages me to spend money responsibly.

Gone for the Summer

As we draw closer and closer to the summer, some of us can relax while others get busier than ever.  I am the latter of those two.   92 more words

An Itch, A Scratch, and Shampoo

Rosee and Simon get bathed pretty regularly. Do they enjoy getting bathed? No. Do I enjoy having clean dogs? Yes. Usually every Friday I spend the day cleaning, which means the couch covers, dog bed covers, kennel beds, and dog towels/blankets get washed, the dogs get bathed, and the living room gets vacuumed. 839 more words


I am Responsible

I have to take the responsibility for everything that happens because of me. I do not make mistakes because of others. Also, I do not succeed because of others. 105 more words


Over thinking

Do you know what I need to stop doing? Over-bloody-thinking. About everything. I used to over think everything in my own head and no one would really know this was what I was doing, but recently I’ve started saying these things out loud. 355 more words

Pawndered Thought: May 18, 2015

Leash signs, much like stop signs, should not be ignored.

Just one of my pet (or should I say human) peeves.


Too many excuses.

We often make excuses for ourselves in order to let ourselves feel better after doing something wrong. However, I found out making excuses is useless, instead, it is giving us a way to deny our own fault. 188 more words