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Pain and Waste

Have this ever happened to you? You began work on a project and something unintended happened at the outset that felt catastrophic.

You finish the early stages of creating a spreadsheet for a project. 505 more words

Ocd Responses While Dissociating

Recently, my husband has been gone working more, and I feel more stressed in having to take care of our more difficult child. She is the age I was during abuse, and I love her so much. 72 more words

Mobile cultures - response

Gerda in her post talks about teenagers and their use of cell phones by analysing the Jullie Cupples and Lee Thompson’s article Cell phones and the culture of teenage romance ( 101 more words


Kate Bush: Hounds of Love (pt. 2)

Dear Matthew:

I thought you told me this album was going to be weird.

OK, I mean, it’s a little out of the ordinary. The second side did get a little out there. 388 more words


Tell me a story!


When conducting a short student film then storytelling becomes key! All good stories have three main part, a beginning, a middle, and an end. 275 more words


Response: Dr. Lisa Merrill's DH Project

David Saltz in the “Performing Arts” chapter of the History of Humanities Computing  stated that,While ‘old’ media such as print, film, and television traffic in immaterial representations that can be reproduced endlessly for any number of viewers, the interactivity of ‘new’ media draws them closer to live performance.” He went on to mention, “The performing arts, however, are not exclusively, or even primarily, textual. 118 more words


Hotel Marketing

By Shea Bennett 

In less than a decade social media has revolutionised many businesses around the world, and the hotels and hospitality industry has certainly benefited from using platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to attract, engage with and convert travellers into prospects and customers. 74 more words