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PTSD Symptoms

It s common to get anxiety responses after a traumatic event. Behaviour and your emotions can alter in ways which are disturbing to you personally. They get better in time while most folks have anxiety responses following a trauma. 140 more words

Brian Eno: Another Green World (pt. 2)

Dear Matthew:

This is a really cool album.

I mean, I know who Brian Eno is — he’s that guy who did all those albums that Music People like. 479 more words


Public Art

How is social practice considered a form of public art and why is it significant?

Public art is defined as any media that has been planned and executed in a public space for others to see. 307 more words


Cognitive and Behavioral Challenges in Responding to Climate Change

by Sam Peterson

A serious increase in the rate of climate change began almost two centuries ago with the inception of fossil fuel combustion, and global warming became a focal point in media coverage more than twenty years ago, yet no industrialized or developing nation has sufficiently reduced greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), or adequately educated its populace to the dangers of rapidly fluctuating global temperatures. 849 more words

Climate Change

Responses for Week of April 19

In repose to Chloe’s post Political Environments at University

I think bending is a natural accompaniment to politics. I have never been tested to my limit, but I feel my limit would be where the result of my bending would directly impact a student in a negative way. 161 more words


Lies, Deceit, and The Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex

So, I went fishing this weekend

Caught a huge striped Bass, approximately 20 Ft. long. 

I was even thinking of mounting it in my office. 168 more words


Featured Response: Susan Schiro

Susan Schiro, Executive Director of Career Collaborative in Boston was the first person to respond to my question. Here is her response. I look forward to receiving yours: 185 more words