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Responses to 'Weed ‘Em and Reap'

Photo by Steve Harwood. Under licence.

These short posts are in response to Amanda’s entry, ‘Weed ‘Em and Reap: Eden Reexamined’They have been provided by Joanna Leidenhag, Matt Wakeling and Yannick Christos-Wahab. 1,656 more words


on failing as an audience, atlanta eke, philippe genty and wordlessness

I write a lot about the joy of being in the audience – how I love to love theatre and how often I lean over to the person beside me and whisper “I’m so fucking excited” as the lights fade to black. 925 more words


Analogy: My Ptsd Feels Like...

Post your own responses. “My PTSD Feels Like…” …opening up a closet full of boxes and boxes of mismatched puzzles, then having all of them come crashing down into one gigantic pile…then being told I have to put them all back in the correct boxes before I leave. 8 more words

Die Antwoord: selected videography (pt. 2)

Dear Matt:


Alright. So, here’s how I approached this. When I fired up your playlist, I decided to just let it run, and resist the urge to Google everything. 394 more words


Creepy Music (Repost for the Weekly Theme-Halloween)

Awkward silence

Malicious laughter

Mumbled insults

Screaming frustration

Abusive catcalls

Slurring shouts

Vehement boos

Lonely crying

Unanswered hellos

Painful sighs

Longing requests

Blameful growls

Afraid responses… 21 more words


Great talk from AronRa

From his Australia-New Zealand tour. Love this guy!


Pathways (Response to 4)

The photo I used for the fourth prompt is one that I’ve been thinking about often as I write one of my projects (Pathways is the chapter in which the following excerpt appears). 1,026 more words

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