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I do ask my husband!

Some people disagree with me on the kind of topics I present here. When that happens, some of them tell me I should ask my husband to teach me about these matters. 192 more words


Disappointing Degradation

Weapon Degradation can be a tedious bit of grinding or a well implemented part of a game.

Games Fallout 3 and New Vegas have weapon degradation that fits seamlessly into its apocalyptic setting where everything is crumbling down, while games such as dead rising can get a bit infuriating when a weapon you diligently gathered parts and crafted breaks after hitting a zombie thrice. 284 more words


Books and Imagination - Response.

Hi, Hey, Hello!

I read this post (this might make no sense if you don’t read that first, just as a warning) over on Assia’s blog (which you should definitely go check out, it’s super great) at the beginning of last month (and I mean the beginning, it was just gone 11 on June 1st), but have only just got around to actually posting this because, well, June was a very busy month and I didn’t want to do too many double post days. 900 more words


Sunday summary - w/e 05.07.2015

Photo challenges

I submitted this image to Cosmic Girlie‘s Silent Sunday challenge:and used this one to celebrate Wordless Wednesday:

Writing challenges

This week’s challenge at  128 more words


About Zach Snyder's Recent "Man Of Steel" Interview

I recently read an article on io9.com about Zach Snyder’s defense of how he ended the movie The Man of Steel. The article, which you can read… 368 more words

Movie Reviews

You Clearly Haven't Been Paying Attention (A response to Cinelinx)

Now that the SJWs are losing all their ground on the war against gamers, they are backpedaling as fast as they possibly can.  Given how revisionist history is nothing new to these people, this shouldn’t surprise anyone.  1,915 more words


Oh My God

Oh My Saviour, in complete awe and blissful Joy I stand
Oh My Redeemer, Your love everlasting and Your truths guide my way,
That I, O LORD, merely I, am able to serve You and follow Your precepts, 251 more words