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Husbands May Not Force Their Wives into Biblical Submission

Sometimes abusive husbands attempt to twist my words and the Bible to justify their sin and abuse against their wives. That is NEVER ok with me and I NEVER condone any kind of abuse or sin against anyone! 674 more words


"All You Need Is Love"

“Good relationships don’t just happen. They take time, patience and two people who truly want to be together.”

When did relationships get so complicated?? When did it become okay for guys/girls to flirt with other people while they are in a serious relationship??

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Respect and Remembrance

Yet another quick link to the difficult subject of respect and “dark tourism”.  This article discusses a personal reaction to seeing selfie sticks at Auschwitz.  The author had a similar reaction to my own on seeing tourists at Pompeii experience the plaster casts purely through their camera lens, as I wrote… 245 more words


Daily thoughts 4th of July

Thoughts of the future scares me. It truly does. That is what was going thru my mind today. The future is unknown and it terrifies me. 294 more words


Requested - Intimacy

My thoughts on Intimacy

For for me is something personal, but I will share it with you.

This type of emotion is only shared between two people at a special time. 185 more words


Requested - Love

My thoughts on love.

Love, is something new for me. I am trying to grasp the full meaning so I am able to expressed it with respect, that it deserves. 407 more words


Are We Totally Free

Freedom  is such a beautiful thing Riva thought and decided to pen down a beautiful song called ‘Are We Totally Free’ for this independence day … 134 more words