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Who cried wolf in Oregon?

From NO on SB-442 YES on Medical Freedom

If you haven’t yet heard of Senate Bill 442–3 here in Oregon, you probably will very soon. The bill, sponsored by State Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, is sitting in the Oregon Legislature’s Senate Committee on Health Care and, if passed in its current form, would do something best described as “draconian”: it would remove all philosophical and religious exemptions from parental choice to vaccinate, effectively mandating vaccines and full compliance with a 23 shot schedule for any Oregonian who wants to send their children to school. 1,440 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

The Truth About Oregon’s Vaccination Rates and Senate Bill 442–3

From NO on SB-442 YES on Medical Freedom

An October 14, 2014 article from The Oregonian told a familiar story line that is now being used to push through an “emergency” measure in Oregon—Senate Bill 442–3—that would remove both philosophical and religious vaccination exemption rights for parents. 4,657 more words



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Just one more… 19 more words


I asked to be a lover...

I asked to be a lover and I have experienced the most hateful attitudes ever since. It reminds me of the cliché but very true saying: … 758 more words

Spirit Harvest

Daniel, his friends & how to deal with culture

Daniel is best known for dealing with lions. He did. But just once. What he dealt with a lot was the new culture he found himself in, once he and his friends were dragged off to Babylon. 96 more words


All Parties In Austrian Parliament Support Resolution Calling For Action Against NSA And GCHQ Spying

From TechDirt, by Glyn Moody, Mar 2015

However much the US government might hope otherwise, there is still widespread concern in Europe about the activities of the NSA and its Five Eyes friends. 292 more words