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Enhancing resilience to drought

New Era, March 26 2015 | Namibia will host another first for the country when it facilitates the Ministry of Environment and Tourism’s African Drought Conference under the theme: “Enhancing resilience to drought events on the African continent” at a local hotel from May 11 to 15, 2015. 240 more words



Re·sil·ience (noun)- the ability to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

In my MBA program, we are required to take many personality assessments to determine our strengths and weaknesses as a business professional. 359 more words


Brainwave's "Grief and Gratitude"

Attachment is the theme of the Rubin Museum of Art’s 2015’s Brainwave series—what does it really mean to attach? Yes, we become attached to a large range of “things,” including our smartphones, our daily routines, and even our feelings of success and happiness. 686 more words



ask for help. and if the help you receive isn’t helpful, ask someone else. all teachers aren’t perfect and you deserve loving guidance. don’t give up.

Feeling Powerless

What do you do?

It’s almost the first question to be asked on occasions of meeting strangers. In most instances it’s a question about your job, your career. Amongst creative folk it’s about your art, recognising that there may be a bill paying job that has very little to do with who you are. 574 more words


Maintain diversity and redundancy (Building resilience: Principle 1)

“Systems with many different components (e.g. species, actors or sources of knowledge) are generally more resilient than systems with few components.  Redundancy provides ‘insurance’ within a system by allowing some components to compensate for the loss or failure of others.   1,310 more words

Complexity And Adaptive Leadership

Building resilience: what organisations can learn from social ecologists

I have been blessed with a very diverse network, which includes among others many renowned thinkers and scientists in the field of social-ecological systems.  I am therefore exposed to thinking that I would otherwise not gain easy access to.   290 more words

Complexity And Adaptive Leadership