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The Journey: Change

There are a couple things I’ve learned about change: it’s constant and I’m not very good at it. Or at least I think I am not good at it. 192 more words


SLC Debuts on National City Scorecard for Energy Efficiency

Mayors and local lawmakers in America’s largest cities continue to take innovative steps to lower energy costs for consumers and businesses, increase their resilience, and reduce pollution through increased energy efficiency, according to the 2nd edition of the… 50 more words

Salt Lake City

Don't Buy Tomorrow What You Can Buy Today

I want to go ahead and say it one more time, not only so I am unquestionably on record as saying it, but also because it is imminent.  827 more words


World Resilience NEWS

Lessons from Nepal

Calamities cannot be prevented. Precautions can, however, reduce their impact. Seismologists say some of the reasons for tremors, earthquakes and floods are unplanned growth of construction especially in higher and hilly terrains, denudation of forests, and habitation in river beds, apart from… 210 more words

A Time To Grieve

I didn't attend my father's funeral, and I never regretted it. I sat by his side in his final days, he, too weak, too close to dying to want to talk, I, waiting with him, silently, or telling him how much I loved him, not trying to imagine a world without him. 150 more words

Resilience tune #2

Well I did say I would post the first song that came up when I pressed ‘shuffle’ on my Resilience Playlist, so today’s tune is… 79 more words


And The Answer Is.......I Choose Happy...........

We all face many decisions in life but the most important choice we make by far is how we decide to live our life.  We can be miserable or we can be happy.   646 more words