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Competency and enjoyment – both necessary ingredients for job satisfaction

by Bernadette Healy

Are you happily engaged in your work and feeling competent? Do you feel like this for a good proportion of the time? If you find yourself struggling to recall the last time you had a week when you mostly felt like that, it may be time for a re-think about your role or even your job! 731 more words


National Championships

Sir Ernest Shackleton wrote in his book South, “a man must shape himself to a new mark directly the old goes to ground”.  I have been absorbing the book for a few months now, by that I mean it has sat on my bedside table getting renewed from the library every 3 weeks.   1,141 more words


Am I ready?

“Ask God for patience and he will give you a line at the bank.”

I have spent my whole life asking God for the strength to fight my daily battles, for the resilience to last beyond the fight, for the integrity to fight a fair fight and for the sheer honesty to be able to tell my battle stories. 796 more words

8 Ways to Keep Your Cool Without Air Conditioning

Air-conditioning plays an important role in protecting the more vulnerable segments of our population during heat waves. But that doesn’t warrant its lavish deployment throughout society for much of the year. 90 more words


The trick to overcoming stress could be embracing it

Anxiety is a mental health epidemic in US, a condition that Americans will go to great lengths to mitigate—to the benefit of drug companies, beverage distributors, and a wide array of medical professionals. 639 more words

10 week Mindfulness course - starts 16 Sept Manchester

I am very pleased to be teaching a new 10-week Mindfulness Beginners course with Opportunities & Activities community adult education project at the Union Chapel in Withington. 73 more words


Its as easy as riding a bike

This youtube clip of a dog carrying a long stick and crossing a narrow bridge and another of a squirrel working out how to get to the bird feeder… 222 more words

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