The road to research nursing: Our newest nurse

Hello! I’m Michael and I have just started at the Clinical Trials Centre at St Mary’s.

My role at the centre is working as a Research Charge Nurse for HIV vaccination trials. 341 more words

Congenital Heart Disease in Infants

Congenital heart disease is the most common birth defect in healthy and preemie children alike, and the leading cause of infant mortality in most countries.  Nearly one out of every 125 children in the world are born with CHD, 40,000 of these annual cases in the United States alone.  1,061 more words

Research Studies

UEA Sona System

At UEA, at least in the Psychology school there is this thing called the Sona System. This essentially means that over the first two years of the course, students are expected to participate in the research of final year students for their projects and dissertations, and the research of PHD and postgraduate students. 278 more words


How Common Is It To Have MS With Other Medical Conditions? First Results from the MS “Comorbidities” Project

Unfair as it seems, MS doesn’t keep other disorders away. It’s possible to have MS and “something else” at the same time. A new international initiative is being launched to understand how common it is for people with MS to have other conditions and how these other conditions may impact the course and treatment of an individual’s MS. 588 more words

Does Menopause Increase Risk of Diabetes?

By Dr. Victor Marchione

It is an idea that has been hinted at for some time, and its answer is important for all middle-aged women. Does menopause influence one’s risk for type 2 diabetes? 354 more words

Women's Health

Stress levels may affect Endo

So after a particularly stressful day at the office, I decided to do some writing and soul searching and (of course) research.  In all of the books and articles I’ve read, there has been a comment or chapter stating that stress may worsen Endometriosis.  937 more words