Study Uncovers Gene Variation Linked to Response to MS Therapy; May Open Up New Treatment Approaches

Collaborating researchers in the U.S. and Italy have uncovered a gene variant that appears to influence whether a person responds well to interferon beta, a commonly used therapy for relapsing forms of MS. 477 more words

New Study : Endometriosis and Semen

So there’s an article that was recently published that has a lot of EndoSisters in an uproar today on Facebook.  The article was title, “How your sex life may influence endometriosis,” published on May 1, 2015, by MedicalXpress. 852 more words


Clinical trial for fertility treatment with GnRH pump for European patients with KS / CHH.

There is a clinical trial starting in Switzerland at the moment for female fertility treatments using the GnRH pump.

The trial is being run at CHUV hospital in Lausanne by Prof. 172 more words

Kallmann Syndrome

Clinical trial for fertility treatment for KS / CHH females in USA and Canada.

Ferring Pharmaceuticals is currently recruiting for a Phase III investigational drug study for women with Primary amenorrhea with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (Hypo Hypo) who are looking to get pregnant. 231 more words

Kallmann Syndrome

From snapshot to family tree – writing the evolutionary rule book of cancer

For hundreds of years the Scottish Highlands have resounded to the names of their famous clans: MacDonald, Campbell, Fraser, and many more. Each clan is a complex, branching family tree, starting from a single person but evolving over the years into a plethora of related but distinct groups. 149 more words

Cancer Research UK

Parkinson’s Disease and Tango

Signed up to emails from NICABM (National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine) and thought one below was interesting ..if you like dancing and in Sussex there are often swing dancing classes outside at Brighton Open Market on Saturdays. 74 more words

Mental Health

Ongoing Research Studies re Endometriosis

Figured I’d put together a list of facilities and companies that are presently conducting research studies about Endometriosis.  I’ll update this often (some of these studies may overlap)… 2,593 more words