Leszczynski resigns from the Advisory Board of Cellraid

In spring 2014 I joined the Advisory Board of Finnish start-up company Cellraid, developing app for smart phone to measure exposures to cell phone, wi-fi and cell tower radiation. 184 more words

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An FDA Approved Generic Form of Copaxone® (Glatiramer Acetate) For Relapsing MS Called Glatopa™ Is Launched In the U.S.

A generic equivalent of daily Copaxone® (glatiramer acetate, 20 mg), called “Glatopa”™ (Sandoz, a Novartis company, developed in collaboration with Momenta Pharmaceuticals) that was approved by the U.S. 1,747 more words

Reflections From Part 2 Of The Cochlear Implant Music Study PLUS What My Next Study May Be And An Update On The AquaCase!

Image Credits: The Telegraph 

Yesterday I had another appointment with my audiologist, Louisa at Jefferson University Hospital. This was for the second half of her music research study.

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New Pill? Viagra for Women!

You may have heard in recent news that the an FDA advisory committee is pushing for the approval of a new drug, Flibanserin, which is being hailed as “viagra for women,”  and decision by the FDA is expected on or before August 18, 2015. 1,174 more words


Rat's Forearm is the World's First Biolimb grown in a Petri Dish

Researchers in Boston have effectively grown a rodent appendage that may reform the capacity of specialists to perform entire appendage transplants. As of now, the method known as decel/recel has been utilized to make kidneys, lungs, and hearts in a petri dish, and now specialists accept that bigger organs are in our grasp also. 456 more words

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Study Uncovers Gene Variation Linked to Response to MS Therapy; May Open Up New Treatment Approaches

Collaborating researchers in the U.S. and Italy have uncovered a gene variant that appears to influence whether a person responds well to interferon beta, a commonly used therapy for relapsing forms of MS. 477 more words