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A national ranking of influence: Chinese and American models

Sometimes we like rankings and sometimes we do not like rankings, here at On Think Tanks. We are not sure. They certainly get us all talking about think tanks, so maybe, that’s good enough. 656 more words

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Gramsci and the literature on think tanks

Of the many metaphors used to describe what think tanks do, few are as ubiquitous as the notion that they supply ammunition in the ‘battle of ideas’. 540 more words

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Book Review: How Think Tanks Shape Social Development Policies, edited by James McGann, Jillian Rafferty, and Anna Viden

A version of this book review was first published at the LSE Review of Books

How Think Tanks Shape Social Development Policies, edited by James McGann, Jillian Rafferty, and Anna Viden.  1,099 more words

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Stocktaking on Research Quality at the Think Tank Initiative Exchange

Two weeks ago, the TTIX2015 took place in Istanbul and some initial reactions have already emerged. Enrique Mendizabal did an exercise of finding “the elephants in the rooms… 1,625 more words

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PLAAS seeks to influence land reform policy through media debate

During colonial times and apartheid, seizing the land of indigenous populations and giving the land to white settlers was a key to entrenching and enforcing racial segregation in South Africa. 1,337 more words

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CSDS: Five decades of Understanding Electoral Politics in India

The CSDS is one of India’s leading institutes for research in the social sciences and humanities and has pioneered intellectual thought on political, social and socio-cultural issues. 2,182 more words

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Think Tank Transparency: Transparify's 2015 report is out

Transparify has published its 2015 think tank transparency report in which it rates over 160 think tanks located in 47 countries worldwide.

To read the report follow the link: … 276 more words

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