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CSDS: Five decades of Understanding Electoral Politics in India

The CSDS is one of India’s leading institutes for research in the social sciences and humanities and has pioneered intellectual thought on political, social and socio-cultural issues. 2,182 more words

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Think Tank Transparency: Transparify's 2015 report is out

Transparify has published its 2015 think tank transparency report in which it rates over 160 think tanks located in 47 countries worldwide.

To read the report follow the link: … 276 more words

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A quick and dirty “Transparify-like” assessment of US think tanks

Following a series of posts on think tanks’ transparency, On Think Tanks has reviewed a number of popular US think tanks to assess their own financial openness. 1,350 more words

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Building Blocks of Abraham Lincoln's Personality

 During a decade of research into the life of Abraham Lincoln, I’ve become convinced that history is not about events. It’s about people. People cause the events that we call history. 1,752 more words


Managing budgets in a Think Tank

The Think Tank Stress test post discussed the importance of having forecasting tools in place in order to assess the sustainability of a Think Tank in light of possible internal and external shocks. 1,654 more words

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How transparent are Spanish Think Tanks? A DIY rating with Transparify’s framework

This post presents the results of a DIY transparency rating to 48 Spanish think tanks with the use of Transparify’s framework. We believe the DIY approach applied to a single country to be a powerful diagnostic tool that can serve as a starting point to identify leading institutions and patterns in an emerging culture of disclosure. 2,475 more words

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Research Journal 3: Swales “The Concept of Discourse Community” and Johns “Discourse Communities and Communities of Practice”

Write a semi-formal post that responds to the following concerns:

Synthesize Swales and Johns to explain how you understand the concept of “discourse community.”

Using this explanation, discuss one discourse community that you already belong to, and/or one discourse community you want to join. 389 more words