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Context matters: so what?

“Context matters” is one of the most uncontroversial statements one could make to a think tank leader. It also is one of the least helpful ones. 1,136 more words

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On Think Tanks is updating its Topic Pages

The On Think Tanks Topic Pages are a useful tool for anyone interested in depending their understanding of a particular subject this blog has worked on. 181 more words

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What is a think tank’s endogenous capacity and why does it matter?

From macro organization-wide decisions to micro day-to-day project choices, think tanks are strategically, if often implicitly, responding to context.

They’re doing so by leveraging their endogenous capacities, or the capacities that result from think tanks’ choices in the way that they select, combine, and manage factors of production to meet their organizational objectives. 881 more words

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What is the state of research on think tanks and context?

The talk in real and online spaces where think tanks and donors convene suggests context does the opposite of levelling the playing field: it changes the rules of the game in which think tanks strategise and perform. 1,121 more words

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Transparency and Funding of Think Tanks in France

A compilation of publications on think tank funding and think tank transparency and a review of relevant websites in French language published on the Transparify website… 348 more words

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Introduction to the series on think tanks and context

How often does the research on think tank performance and context actually make its way into think tank practice? I wondered about this question at the… 993 more words

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Create: Niche events

One of the key elements to creating a festival that people will travel to, involves the use of a “special interest” or niche. Around the world, the use of planes, trains and automobiles as a focus for an event has proven to be a key to success in event tourism. 260 more words