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Planning College Classes, Step 4: General Education Requirements

Typically when we think of Planning College Classes we think about the classes we have to take for our major and the electives we might get to take if we’re lucky. 320 more words

College Planning

Do You Have a List?

My best friend thinks my list is dumb. You know the list, the list of benchmarks found in your perfect other half. Some people’s lists are very practical… 587 more words


Four years back when I had to move out from my home to pursue studies, I realized the value of home-cooked food. It is balanced, healthy and familiar. 481 more words


Model based requirement analysis

This note is an extract from the topic by Bruce Powel Douglass.


This note shows a workflow of how to workout requirements description before create a formal description and provide it as requirement. 260 more words

Added Things for Summer

Tada! Some things I forgot about that should be fixed before LU3 starts:
1. Nameplates!
2. Scholarships. This is actually a lot of hassle at the moment, hopefully I can get in then I’ll talk all about it. 37 more words


The power of negative...

No, I don’t mean a negative attitude because although that feels great sometimes, I don’t think it is a particularly powerful way of accomplishing anything :). 197 more words


Breadth Requirements: Take a Breath and Fulfill Your Breadth

For many Humanities students, like myself, we gnawed at the fact that we had to take a math or science course. Hmmm that was the whole point why I didn’t major in say Statistics or Human Biology! 214 more words