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Random Headlines -- 4/18/15

Kotaku — GamerGate booth led by Men’s Rights Activists was kicked out of a Canadian comic expo.
Cosmopolitan — Why this longtime abortion provider may never reopen her practice. 93 more words


Exclusive Interview: Governor Schwarzenegger

Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger truly has an amazing success story. An Austrian immigrant, he moved from body builder, to Mr. World, to A-list actor, to governorĀ of the largest state (by population) in America. 1,368 more words

Statistically speaking

Slice 134 of 365

I was working on a statistics book this week for work and it got me thinking about numbers and stuff. So I did a little research. 191 more words

NBC Reporter Asks Rick Perry if He's Smart Enough for the White House

Two things…

1. Perry hasn’t even announced that he’s running yet.

2. I look forward to seeing a reporter ask Hillary Clinton the same question. 67 more words


Not Only Democrats, Republicans Are Also Destroying The United States

The worst president in American history occupies the White House. However, this article is not about the worst president ever to hold the office, this is about the worst Congress in American history. 426 more words


Congress and Obama

Congress and Obama have grown further and further apart as his terms in office have continued. They will grow further apart in his last two years. 493 more words

Presidential Elections

Pete Lopez Wants to Go to Washington

So we learned this week that State Assemblyman Pete Lopez plans to run as Chris Gibson’s successor in the 19th Congressional District next year. (Gibson himself is supposedly considering a run for governor somewhere down the road.) This is depressing news indeed. 299 more words