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The Donald

One of the biggest blowhards imaginable has tossed his hat into the ever-growing ring of Republican presidential candidates. Currently, in spite of rhetoric that indicates he is clueless about key social issues, he’s trending second in the polls. 17 more words


Congressional Approval Rating

According to Mitch McConnell last January, now that both the Senate and the House are in Republican hands, we are seeing just how well the Republicans know how to run a government. 204 more words

Financing the ACA -- Explained, Updated, and Revealed!

Now that King v. Burwell has been relegated to history’s dustbin, let’s return for a deeper dive into the June 2015 report from the Congressional Budget Office… 861 more words

National Health Policy

Employee Paychecks and Unions Suing

The new fiscal year started Wednesday. However, as we know, we do not have a budget for this fiscal year. To be honest, I’m not sure if anyone knows how close the legislators are to creating a new budget that Governor Rauner will accept. 210 more words


DAVID M. DRUCKER: Republicans fear Trumpnado

Washington Examiner — How do you solve a problem like The Donald?

Top Republicans are flummoxed by billionaire businessman and entertainer Donald Trump, 69, and are unsure how worried they should be that his frequent offensive comments could taint the GOP brand and damage the party’s prospects against Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. 53 more words


Hispanic Leaders Tell Republican Party To Stand Up To Donald Trump


WASHINGTON (AP) — Hispanic leaders are warning of harm to Republican White House hopes unless the party’s presidential contenders do more to condemn Donald Trump, a businessman turned presidential candidate who’s refusing to apologize for calling Mexican immigrants rapists and drug dealers. 797 more words

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