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It's a shame, US!

I heard Netanyahu’s speech to the congress yesterday. I found it a shame for US as most of its representatives and senators showed tremendous support to a foreign leader over its own president. 566 more words


For The Love of War

The right is at it again. Invading Iraq and the extreme consequences that war created (massive debt, US and Iraqi deaths, loss of American status, disarray in Iraq, development of ISIS, and more) should be a pretty good reminder of why we should do everything possible to avoid war. 440 more words

Conservative Politics

things not change much

monkey hear about cpac crapfest & about republicrap politician what crawl like crack addict to lick boot & kiss rear & eat money of rich patron like mister koch brother & mister sheldon adelson & etc etc etc. 176 more words


Boehner's Lip Service and Cowardice

With the exception of the whining liberals, most people who watched Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress came away with a few observations, chief among them was how passionate the Prime Minister was to his love of country, and his belief in the threat posed to his people. 527 more words


The Half Way Point

This week marks the half way point in the 2015 Legislative Session and it feels like it was just yesterday that I was sitting in intern orientation learning about how a bill becomes a law. 503 more words

Saint Martin's University

VRWC Live at 8pm - Benjamin #Netanyahu Speech, Democrat Response, GOP caves on #DHS, Hillary #Clintonemails, #Mikulski retires

Pretty hefty show for tonight. Lots of information
– Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech in Congress today. The spineless democrats are pissing their pants like little school girls. 19 more words


House Republicans Vote On Clean DHS Funding

—- YEAS —(Keep DHS Open)
Benishek ~ Bishop (MI) Boehner ~ BostBrooks (IN) ~ Buchanan ~ Calvert ~ Carter (TX) ~ Coffman ~ Cole ~ Collins (NY) ~ Comstock ~ Costello (PA) ~ Curbelo (FL) ~ Davis, Rodney ~ Denham ~ Dent ~ Diaz-Balart ~ Dold ~ Ellmers (NC) ~ Emmer (MN) ~ Fitzpatrick ~ Frelinghuysen ~ Gibson ~ Granger ~ Guinta ~ Hanna ~ Hardy… 288 more words