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Teenagers Portrayal In The Media

The Breakfast Club (Film)

Project X (Film)

Geordie Shore (TV Series)
The media reenforces the stereotype that teenagers are hooligans and are constantly causing disruptions in peoples lives. 1,428 more words


How to be Both

What are the conditions needed to be truly moved by something? I like to think it’s intensely personal, like falling in love. The intricate web of circumstance, location, what you had for dinner that day, your mood, how difficult it was to get where you were going. 786 more words


on representation: what it is, and what it is not

I’m going to say something potentially unpopular. I’m doing a marathon rewatch of Modern Family because I loved the first couple of seasons but for various reasons I missed the entire rest of the show’s run. 603 more words


Natural hairstyles to appear in character custimization for chibi Brawl.

Chibi Brawl, though still very much in development at this current point in time is set to have natural hairstyles as a part of character customization. 155 more words


Depictions of rape on screen and "push-up bras encouraged": why female representation in Hollywood is important

On Friday morning, Sonia Saraiya published a piece at Salon about the history of rape storylines on television. There’s a lot there, but it’s a really great read. 1,680 more words


“Islamic Extremism is a ‘Muslim’ issue"

Image: http://www.mombian.com/2014/08/15/injustice-anywhere-thinking-michael-brown/

Ahhh, the world of Facebook…full of wonderful insights and keyboard warriors- there’s never a dull moment. A Facebook “friend” recently posted a status stating that that issue of Islamic extremism needs to be confined to Islamic communities: “South Korea has their issues and they keep it within their borders. 872 more words


Sherlock's Holmes is Black, Autistic, and Asexual, and you can't do a thing to change that!!!

Sherlock Holmes will appear within our game.

As mentioned on our tumblr, and several websites, he will be black, autstic, and asexual.

I will go into detail as we made each of these “changes” to his original character. 489 more words