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Seeing Is Believing: Pop Culture, Representation, and Higher Education

I am a huge media consumer. From books to music to television to movies to web series, I am transfixed by entertainment. My habits border on addiction and often distract me from more academic pursuits. 688 more words


A to Z: X-Men

The X-Men have long stood as a metaphor for the oppressed and outcast, from racial minorities to people with disabilities to, well, comic-book nerds. They work rather well as a representation of LGBT+ people, too, because of their “hidden in plain sight” quality. 345 more words

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Do We See Diversity as an Issue?

Last week, I posed questions about if it is more important to examine consumption or creation in young children’s media, specifically from the perspective of working with diverse communities.   705 more words




When I came across this lone red berry my immediate reaction was: I want to photograph it.

Now I look at the photograph my reaction is: I want to pick that berry! 39 more words


Bubbling excitement and frustration

One of the things that I’ve never been good at is waiting. I tend to be an all-or-nothing kind of girl, and patience has never been a virtue. 365 more words

A to Z: Wanda from Sandman

Sandman. Neil Gaiman’s long comic series, one of the best ever written. Intense, literary, fantasy-horror from the early 90s… When I was born. Notable for so many reasons and so many characters. 324 more words

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Read--regardless of race, gender, what have you--just read.

It’s been many moons since last I dusted off this ol’ blog, and, surprisingly, I’m still getting traffic (thanks all three of you)! “What ever could spawn such a divergence from laziness, Nate?” you ask. 792 more words