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9th Day of "Stepping Beyond the Veil Fast"

For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways…

Our prayer and fasting focus for today is Isaiah 55:8.

As one crying out in the wilderness, “Prepare the way of The Lord,” there is a WAY, a path, a highway, it’s the high-WAY of Holiness. 1,053 more words

Seven Last Words of Jesus: Father, forgive them...

On Sunday we really waded deeply into this well known saying of Jesus. “Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing”. Luke 23:43. 958 more words


Lie #26: Guilt and Shame

“Shame is the emotional state we experience when we feel badly about who we are. Guilt is the emotional state we experience when we feel badly about what we’ve done.” (Dr George Simon, PhD)  I propose that neither are really productive forms of transformation. 506 more words

The Lies

Follow Him into All Places

Yesterday, we had to cancel church due to weather and I created a “mini message” on video for the church. Below is the video was created. I hope you enjoy it!

Ministry Sauce

The First Sunday of Lent - One Does Not Live on Bread Alone

The First Sunday of Lent – One Does Not Live on Bread Alone

By Sister Julie Marie Bruss, SND

Today we hear the message, “repent and believe in the gospel.” It is remarkable how much the gospel can speak to us when we are open to the messages contained there. 310 more words

Sisters Of Notre Dame

Forgive Your Brothers and Sisters

Today’s reading is 2 Corinthians 2.

Christians are some of the most forgiving people I know. I’ve seen them accept the immoral, ungodly, adulterous into their midst with open arms as they turned to Jesus from their worldly lives. 270 more words


Brought to Him in Shame

Have you ever been publicly embarrassed either by your own actions or the actions of others? Ever been ridiculed? Ever wanted to defend yourself from accusations that may or may not have been true? 1,305 more words

Love Of God