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Christmas approacheth. It feels an appropriate moment to refer to Pasolini’s version of Matthew’s gospel, made with a striking fidelity to the text. Like the Renaissance painters to be counted among his forebears, Pasolini knew the story intimately. 603 more words


The Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan: for the weird, WEIRD Renaissance

Most people assume that the Italian Renaissance was all perfect and classical and Michelangelo and perfect Bramante Tempietto perfectness. But the Renaissance was actually really,  284 more words


I Went To Rome! Part 2

The second part comes to you in the form of ceilings and walls. Exciting, I hear you say with bated breath. Well you’re right. The primary reason to visit Rome is so you can look at really… 24 more words


I Went To Rome! Part 1

I just got back from a trip to Rome (6 weeks ago) with my parents and thought I’d share a few photographs since Rome is… 44 more words


Painting in Circles

Not all paintings are rectangular or square. The circle has since Antiquity been a symbol of perfection, and its association with divinity made it a popular shape for paintings in the Renaissance, with round masterpieces produced throughout the period. 435 more words