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Art Project Part 5

I did it! My big painting is on the wall.
Dominic said it would take a month to paint it. ” What do you think I am- some sort of Renaissance painter!” I said. 100 more words


Making Your Own Paints: A Beginner's Guide

Pigments available to the medieval/renaissance illuminator included mineral and organic ones. The typical palette consisted of:

  • Black: from lamp soot, charred bone, other carbon sources (e.g.
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The Ugly Duchess

The Ugly Duchess isn’t a post-modern surrealist painting. Nor is it a cover from Mad Magazine or an R-rated version of the Duchess from Alice in Wonderland… 358 more words

8. The Early Modern Age

The Last Supper

The solemn festivities of Holy Week are the source of a long iconographical tradition. Some of the best known images inspired by the events of that week are universally known, and repeated to the point of cliché, which is regrettable because it somehow diminishes the power of the original works. 940 more words



Christmas approacheth. It feels an appropriate moment to refer to Pasolini’s version of Matthew’s gospel, made with a striking fidelity to the text. Like the Renaissance painters to be counted among his forebears, Pasolini knew the story intimately. 603 more words