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What have you promised never to do, because you remember?

I was three.

But I remember the night my father was brought home with a forehead full of glass and a broken hip.
I remember two of the friends who came to help my mother. 924 more words


Twelve Years Ago Today

Twelve years ago today I left in the middle of a staff meeting to get hitched to a young soldier on his way to his first deployment the next morning. 363 more words


A vigil for the day an angel got his wings

TIVP Staff Writer

An anniversary for angels.
Every March 10 Kim Fairy, a St. Catharines resident, finds herself taken back to a night she will never forget – the night she lost her son and foster son to a terrible accident. 767 more words


Fond Remembering

Last night I had dinner with precious friends at Gary Larson’s house about 65 miles west of where I live. It is always so very worth the long drive to be present for these gatherings. 99 more words


Winter Words

Winter words have been elusive lots … jumbled time tumbling bronzed locks … tethering heartbeats to your memory … bell ship bound in some sunken grave of grey ground … and  feather down dullard dreaming cartilage cast spinning on the ice … frozen fronds waiting for the spring thaw … like ancient love letters tucked in the cracks of a wishing wall … to return to the dust you blew through those hollow haunts … I kept the wine from freezing between my thighs … though they were rosy enough in the beginning with out currants and lavender to share their spice … it will be a good year to uncork the  secrets we stained so many a moment with … let the butterflies drink all they will and carry you away on drunken wings … that sad or silken sorrows shall visit no more the cobwebs or the broom. 6 more words


A Memory Garden with no Plants?

What? You can’t garden you say. Your thumb is perpetually brown, not a green sprig in sight?

That’s okay. You can still have an area where you pay tribute to your loved ones that have passed. 333 more words

Memory Gardens

the unexpected gift I got while sitting at the kitchen table

I am working late, but taking a little break, scrolling through Facebook. (Of course. As one does when one has work to do. Or is that just me?) 269 more words