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#NaPoWriMo 25

The virgining leaves tremble in the morning’s essential breeze … Dawn awakens to chase the chill of Night and warm the liquid light bodies of snail and tree frog … the slip and candid fasten frail tendrils of all blossoming vines open their awareness … unfurling the paper white fragility of their dance petal symphony … nodding head mosses stretch through the drench of dew bonnets upon their  sleepy heads … as the iridescence of their quartz footings kiss the Master good morning … “It is in your light, I find my freedom” they whisper softly … bluebells opening their life giving sweet songs written in the law of true unconditional love … this mystery turns in the gathering morn … we human have long forgotten … soon, the morel stands witness … 7 more words


up to you

 There must be something in the air. Friend after friend is experiencing similar trends in their lives. We share questions and struggles and maybe a scrap, a tiny elusive rag of hope. 552 more words


The Ethics of Nostalgia

Similar to the ethics of regret, what occurs in nostalgia appears, initially, to be no different. A human being contemplates a particular thought (or a set of thoughts)—which occurred in the past—and enters a sentimental state of longing for it. 419 more words


Soccer Season Has Begun Again . . . Twenty Years Later . . .

As I parked the car and walked towards the soccer fields, a thousand memories flooded back to me like high tide during a blizzard. How many times had I walked this exact path and how many times had I stood in this same exact spot only a short twenty years ago. 377 more words


Dear Dogs

Dear Dogs,

I’m really happy I’m not allergic to you. That would suck because I am such a dog person. Like I said in a previous post, I like cats. 420 more words

Remembering the long grass.

We should all remember when the grass was long and untouched.


You were there. You were wild and young. I was scared and silent and couldn’t put a word to my sadness. 187 more words


Memory is a queer thing; most of it we take for granted, believing that we can’t do much with it. We revise the scene when we were insulted several times in the day we were insulted. 213 more words

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