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Best acne treatment - how acne home remedies helped me to get rid of pimples. Sharing my story

Hey, there’s the link to that home remedy acne cure I promised you to give: http://bit.ly/1DqfxJZ You know, It wasn’t very easy for me to create this video, but Id like to share my story…

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Random favourites (bits+bobs)

Guess who’s backkk.. XD
Hello unicorns, today I’ve got a short blog post for you guys and its just random things I’ve been loving recently. Let’s get started! 335 more words


Top 5 Ways to Beat a Cold in a Day

I think I jinxed myself last week when I mentioned how everyone in the world but me is sick. Because last Wednesday I woke up feeling perfectly fine, and by Thursday it felt like my head was underwater. 518 more words


She found her peace. ;)😜😚

Solution for any kind of stress and heartache. Christmas pudding with ice cream and few strawberries. . *Slurp. . *
What are your heartbreak remedies? ? 29 more words


Not Your Average Medicine Chest

All my life I’ve gathered essential oils for everyday use. Over the years, I developed a habit of carrying them with me in a pouch in case I needed them. 313 more words


Flatulence Remedies – Most Effective Excessive Gas Treatment

Click Here to Stop Farting! Video Rating: 4 / 5 Do you notice yourself always farts? Well, too much of farting is already a sign of inconsistencies within your body. 26 more words

Anal Itching Remedies And Causes

Click Here to Stop Vaginal Itching And Odours! Anal itching is one of the most embarrassing health conditions a person can face. People generally relate this problem to hemorrhoids but the truth is that there are multiple reasons which can cause itching in the anal area. 10 more words