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Madonna Crosses

I took the photo last week in Sam Moon, a supermarket-sized emporium of fashion accessories. I wasn’t surprised the store carried crosses, but I was overwhelmed by the row of big, honking sparklers. 243 more words

Writers Write

The Ultimate Need for Choice

In Quebec recently there’s been a huge kerfuffle about garments deemed to be “religious” wear and what is/isn’t appropriate in the public space. Quebec is somewhat notoriously leery of religious symbolism after the Quiet Revolution of the 1960s, which securalized the province and loosened the grip of the Catholic Church in Quebec. 751 more words

The Swastika: Ancient symbol of well-being struggles to overcome Nazi connections - Antonia Blumberg

For many around the world, the swastika is a sign of genocide and hatred, reviled for its association to the Nazi party. But for centuries before the Holocaust, and to this day, the swastika represented something very different for millions of Hindus, Buddhists and Jains across the globe. 1,727 more words


Pentagrams Everywhere

Has anyone else seen this story about the mother who saw pentagrams in her kid’s school bus’ brake lights and freaked out? She apparently decided to call out the local school district for allowing the offensive, demonic symbol on the bus, telling her local media outlet that anyone who fears god should be outraged. 255 more words


Solomon Kane

Solomon Kane (2009)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

This film began great, gripping, dark and dramatic :) ! We got to see monsters, creatures and the beginning of a great story from the outset but then somehow…the rest of the film just did not compare. 177 more words


Deck the streets

Deck the streets

Deck the streets
with boughs of holly
Christmas trees
and Santas jolly

stars and wise men
in the night
guided to
the King of light. 78 more words