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French Muslim girl kicked out of class for wearing long black skirt

PARIS – A 15-year-old French Muslim girl has been banned from her classroom for wearing a long black skirt, seen as going against France’s law guaranteeing secularism. 496 more words



 A young man
Our driver in Egypt
On the way from Cairo
To Alexandria 153 more words

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Line between religious heritage and discrimination unclear despite ruling against city council prayer

MONTREAL — In its unanimous ruling ordering the city council of Saguenay, Que. to stop reciting a prayer before meetings, the Supreme Court of Canada stressed the importance of “a neutral public space free from coercion, pressure and judgment on the part of public authorities in matters of spirituality.” 830 more words


Prayers at municipal council discriminatory: Analysis of Canadian decision @lawscribes #secularism #scc #humanrights

April 15, 2015: For years now, municipal leaders in Quebec have started council meetings with prayers, arguing that although Quebec is a secular society, the religious trappings of crucifixes, sacred heart statues and flashing red votive lights are merely the traditional backdrop of heritage, but are otherwise secular processes. 2,653 more words


Nandavart - Sacred Symbol of Abundance in Ashtamangal Meditation

क्या आप जानते है कि आप अपने जीवन में आनंद का चक्र शुरु कर सकते हैं? इसे सम्भव करने के लिए नंदावर्त की साधना कीजिए. नंदावर्त आनंद का चक्र है.

Eight Sacred Symbols

Controversy over face-covering niqab exposes rift in federal NDP caucus

OTTAWA – Controversy over the face-covering niqab worn by some Muslim women has exposed a rift among New Democrat MPs.

Alexandre Boulerice, one of the party’s most prominent Quebec MPs, says he doesn’t believe public servants should be allowed to cover their faces. 564 more words


Swastik - Sacred Symbol of Balance in Ashtamangal meditation

The journey of life is a striving for balance. To achieve this, meditate on the Swastik. It is a symbol of balance and the first among the eight objects of Ashtamangal. 22 more words

Eight Sacred Symbols