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Religious Education: Celebrations

We started out new theme in Religious Education today, over the next few weeks we will be study Celebrations.

Today we spoke about various celebrations and Easter.

New publication: History, Remembrance and Religious Education

How should the Holocaust be taught in schools, and to what end? What role should religious education play in recounting and remembering this human catastrophe? How has the nature and purpose of religious education changed and developed over time? 149 more words


The “Problems” of Comparison Will Not Be Solved: Acceptance, Resistance and Other “Cures” for the Religious Studies Scholar

In the Guide to the Study of Religion, the fourth chapter entitled “Comparison” by Luther H. Martin emphasizes the theoretical problems that surround the issue of comparison in the study of religions, how these problems have been dealt with by various scholars in multiple disciplinary approaches, and concludes by offering his suggestions for the future of scholarship in the field. 2,417 more words

Protestantism is Still Alive in Today's America

I noticed a strong connection between an article posted on CNN’s website Saturday, February 21 and some of the topics my discussion section has talked about in religious studies. 350 more words

Religious Studies

The authenticity of scripture

The authenticity of scripture” article on the Deseret News from Dan Peterson and Bill Hamblin.