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A Mini-Marcion Lecture

Here is my mini-lecture with the Miami Valley Skeptics group on the second century heretic Marcion of Pontus. This was designed to be rather informal, and more of a casual engagement with Marcion, his life, his importance, and his legacy within early Christianity. 753 more words

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If you are interested in Christian history, anthropology, or sociology, you might just enjoy this lecture given by my husband, Daniel N. Gullotta. In it, Daniel teaches about Marcion, the little-known "inventor" of the Bible. As a book nerd, I have enjoyed learning about one of the world's most famous books from Daniel -- and I bet you will, too! (P.S. He has a gorgeous Australian accent...)

Religion is Redundant in our Secular Society

… said no RE teacher ever.

In this post I will be discussing the so-called “right to withdraw” children from Religious Education, in schools. I know there are some RE teachers on both sides of the debate, but my views on this one are fairly strong. 1,527 more words


Theology and Religious Literacy by Mike Higton

It used to be possible to think that religion was playing less and less of a role in shaping our world, and that it might be destined to disappear into irrelevance within our life times. 373 more words

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New Directions for ilostmyprayerhanky.com

I’m going to start taking this blog in a new and more focused direction. I will keep former posts in the archive, but it will start honing in on religion as it relates to gender and sexuality. 557 more words


Francis Watson, Jens Schröter, and the Sayings Collection Genre of the Gospel of Thomas

I recently completed Francis Watson‘s impressive book Gospel Writing, which is rightly receiving much attention (see here). I profited much from this stimulating work, and I especially enjoyed seeing the many ways in which it converged with and diverged from… 1,475 more words

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Religious Studies: GCSE AQA B Practice Papers for Unit 4

A set of three practice papers exactly matching the style of the new GCSE AQA B Unit 4 exam from June 2014. Students will gain thorough understanding of the requirements of the exam – as well as extensive practice! 78 more words


5 Books on Marcion of Pontus

Yesterday I was invited to give a very brief lecture introducing people to the second century heretic, Marcion of Pontus. As a part of my mini-lecture with the Miami Valley Skeptics on Marcion, I have provided a list of books I would recommend for people to check who are interested in learning more about. 1,052 more words

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