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Pence to revisit religious freedom act

A friend of mine posted this tidbit on Facebook, so I thought I’d share it here.

“So who needs a religious freedom law anyway. Last time I checked, you could go to any church you want. 269 more words

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Vanuatu Cyclone Takes Serious Toll on Adventist Church

“The Adventist Church suffered serious losses when Cyclone Pam battered the South Pacific archipelago of Vanuatu, including the destruction of at least 18 churches attended by 2,400 members. 45 more words

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State using religion to discriminate?

Indiana seems like a nice enough place, with nice people motivated to do nice things to and for others.

Why, then, does the state’s legislature send to Gov. 319 more words

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34,000 Black Churches Leave PCUSA Over Same-Sex Marriage

Urging Presbyterian Church USA to “repent and be restored to fellowship,” the National Black Church Initiative, which represents 34,000 churches from 15 denominations, has declared it has severed ties with PCUSA after it amended its constitution changing their definition of marriage to include same-sex couples. 14 more words


Looking Past Cardinal Dolan's Hearty Smile

In Rome, Vatican watchers like to say that the institutional Catholic Church measures time not with a clock, but with a calendar, and that its memory is as durable as the records in its archives, where Galileo’s signature, preserved in the documents from his famous trial, looks like it was penned yesterday. 607 more words


Religious Liberty vs. LGBT Rights: How the Church Is Missing the Point, Ignoring the Gospel, and Losing a Generation

Earlier today a bill was signed into law in Indiana that will allow business owners to deny services to LGBT people based on religious objections. This comes on the heels of legislation… 1,073 more words


Community college booting homeschooler becoming less-rare occurence


A student’s college career was off to a good start until he was kicked out of school because he earned his high school diploma by being homeschooled. 195 more words