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Male couples and society critique

  Out of curiosity or experimental reasons both men and women watch lesbian porn and feel their arousal buttons pushed, but what about male couples and gay porn? 537 more words

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Men and lesbian porn

It should not be such a surprise that men love lesbian porn. Truth is, it is an actual fact. Why? Easy, deep down in their mind, they are infatuated by the idea of having two women. 228 more words

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The bible is not such a good peace promoter...

Yet another supportive friend of mine sent me and article yesterday. The subject is “What does the bible say about Homosexuality?” by Matt Slick. This guy underlined and… 487 more words

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P.D.A and Prejudice

The other day a friend of mine sent me a video, it’s some TV show in the U.S. that tested out people’s reaction to a gay couple expressing some love in public. 494 more words

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Frank Kameny - The voice of a lion

Frank Kameny was a gay rights activist, who for most of his life, had a well-respected job, until he was fired for being gay. He is still to this day one of the most significant figures in the gay rights movement, for what? 342 more words

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You are who you were meant to be

Since the early stages of our lives until the last, we have people coming in and out of our lives, some impact us greater than others and some are there just to complete the great picture we call LIFE. 452 more words

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So Selfish

Today I feel like cataloging another baseless accusation made by some Christians: being selfish. Selfish is a word that has negative connotations, implying that one is unreasonably focused on oneself. 952 more words