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Traveling the Murky Way

Lonely and lost soul, I flew away to rock-hewn solitude, alone in desert land, so much did I loathe the company of better souls as I bore again my pain; to sit in remorse, no comfort found, dancing damned with demon band. 694 more words


Hamr - The Northern Spirit Part 4

For this post I wanted to explore the concept of the northern spirit in more depth. This time around, I will be exploring the concept of the hamr. 1,022 more words



In case readers should think that the Witch of Worcester is possessed by some “deviltry”, to quote the 20th century Anglican theologian, Oxford scholar and fantasy writer C S Lewis, she would like to reassure them that this is most certainly not the case. 57 more words


God, are you the one who is living life?

In honor of Penticost Sunday, a little something of Rilke’s for Cousin Dan and The Congregation of the Holy Spirit. Love ~

And yet, though we strain… 116 more words


Spent and Crushed, I Groan

I am utterly bowed down and prostrate; all day long I go around mourning. For my loins are filled with burning, and there is no soundness in my flesh. 514 more words


Lamentation of the Soul

I am weary with my moaning; every night I flood my bed with tears; I drench my coach with my weeping; my eyes waste away because of grief… 644 more words


Recapitulation on the Question of Religious Fundamentalism

When people will not weed their own minds, they are apt to be overrun by nettles.
– Horace Walpole

My intellect would wish for a clear-cut universe with no dim corners, but there are all these cobwebs in the cosmos. 2,959 more words