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Mentors, Role Models, and the Future.

There has been quite a lot on my mind lately. This year does not seem to be off to a productive start. I guess I just thought I’d be a little farther along with writing and such this year. 822 more words


Receiving Sak Yant tattoo

Ever since I heard of Sak Yant, I wanted to get one done. Sak Yant is a tattoo done with a long metal or bamboo stick rather than a tattoo gun/machine. 608 more words


"If you narrow it, you miss it." A response.

This post is in response to a post by Helio, which can be found here.

I want to clarify some things from my point of view, because I feel some things have been lost in translation. 1,301 more words


Kalevala Part 1

So, I have started to work my way through the Kalevala. I have the Magoun prose translation, but am also using the Crawford translation from Project Gutenberg in tandem as a comparison. 912 more words



So this is my 100th post on this blog… Woohoo!

I am really hesitant to weigh in on this one, let me put that out there. 913 more words


Ancient Science and Religion

In Western culture science is separate from religion. This is generally accepted as inevitable, but is it?
In ancient Egypt it was not. There was no word for religion in that language, and almost certainly none for science either. 1,354 more words