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Homily on Godly Wisdom and Knowledge

Life for us humans is more than just living isn’t it? It is thinking &planning & imagining. It is measuring & calculating how our world works as in maths & science. 1,044 more words


Talon's Point of the Day - April 17th, 2015 Relax, It's Just Another Sin

As a follow up to yesterday’s point You Don’t Deserve Salvation…THANK GOD!!! I wanted to add the following:

Just as there has permeated the modern Church the view that Jesus died for you because you were worthy of him doing so, the secondary view that once Jesus died for you, and once you accepted him as your Savior, that there is no longer anything required of you in relationship to your salvation has also spread through the body like a virus. 228 more words


Our sins are wiped away

Frances writes on next Sunday’s readings :-  We are now into a period in which we explore, as the first Christians had to do too, the implications of our redemption. 855 more words


Why Libertarianism Needs God

Mustela nivalis

I believe that the reason why libertarianism isn’t getting anywhere is that it has nothing to counter the power of utopia. It quite rightly doesn’t have a utopia of its own, but without anything of at least equal leverage, libertarianism will always fail. 1,229 more words


The Life Giving Holy Spirit

Every Sunday we say in the Creed that we believe in “The Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life”. This should remind us that without God, as Holy Spirit, being present within us from the first moment of our life in our mother’s womb, we wouldn’t be alive at all. 1,053 more words


We know Christ together, never alone

Frances writes on this Sunday’s readings :- Many of us like this gospel (John 20:19-31) at a superficial level. We feel comforted by Thomas’ incredulity and can identify with it; but a more thoughtful and careful reading of the text and the readings chosen to accompany it points to a different message. 741 more words


Entering into the meaning of Easter

Frances writes on the meaning of Easter :- For those of us who are over two thousand years from the resurrection it is easy to see why we might believe in Jesus as the Christ, the eternal Son of God for a variety of reasons. 904 more words