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The problem of pain

Frances writes on this Sunday’s readings : – Most of us find the idea of suffering abhorrent and will avoid it if we possibly can. We view suffering as failure or even as punishment from God and in consequence see it all negatively. 1,024 more words


Christianity and “the rich”

Mustela nivalis

The Bible is “an anti-socialist document”. This is one of the quintessential conclusions of Gary North’s multi-volume economic exegesis. However, how does this assertion equate with some biblical statements, especially in the New Testament, which are rather critical about “the rich”? 1,146 more words

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God is like a mother's womb

The wonderful thing about the Internet, and especially Facebook, is that I can keep in touch with lots of the students I knew from my time as Chaplain at Oxford Brookes University; and one of the things that many who are women share is their experience of being a young mother. 1,046 more words


Not about giving up Gin!

Frances writes on this Sunday’s readings :- I suppose our history all through the ages has been such that we think of God as having created in perfection and watching in fury and even sadness whilst his creation continually messes things up. 1,021 more words



I like people.

I am sat writing this in my favorite café in the south of England, Harris & Hoole Swindon. The reason its so high on the list (apart from the high quality loose leaf tea) is people. 289 more words


I have these pine trees all over my house (photo above), I love them for how they look like its Christmas all year round and for how green they are. 788 more words


How to get a Deacon for your Church

The departure from St Peter’s of our Deacon Chris, as he moves to Worcester, has led to one question being asked by many different people. … 1,037 more words