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28 March 2015. A Thought from St Photios the Great


Next year, the Phanar wants to call an all-Orthodox Sobor… however, it’s interfering in internal Church affairs in Estonia, the Ukraine, Czechia, Slovakia, the USA, and Canada… shall anyone outside of its orbit heed any such call? 46 more words


I Told Myself I Wouldn't Do This, But...

I am Jamaican. I am a Christian. I am heterosexual.

And, I am deeply wounded by the way in which some Jamaicans, Christians, and heterosexuals are navigating the whole issue of homosexuality. 555 more words


Star-lit / Sun-lit

Christ is always shining in our hearts and all around
Mammon keeps our eyes blurred at times
Grace clears that vision so His Light can shine through. 116 more words


My favorite part of The Voice

It’s at about minute 1:20. Sixteen-year-old Jacquie Lee’s time is almost up and none of the super star judges have activated the switch to turn their chair around, signaling approval of Ms. 503 more words


Sabbatum Excerpt: Self-Denial from the Imitation of Christ

My child, you cannot have perfect liberty unless you completely deny yourself.1

Those who only seek their own interests and are lovers of themselves are in chains – they are coveteous, curious, wanderers who always seek things that appeal to them and not the things of Jesus Christ, and often devise and plan things that will not succeed. 99 more words

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