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David Cameron wants to fight extremism by removing Civil Liberties

It is little wonder why Prime Minister David Cameron and his Tory cronies want to make the EU Human Rights Act null and void in the UK; whilst the statute has and is being misused by a small number of individuals, there is little to argue for why UK citizens would want to give up the protection of their human rights to a government that wants to give further tax breaks to the well off whilst cutting help for the families that need it the most. 810 more words


Joni and Friends International Disability Center


This one is very personal to me, not because I am handicapped. However, yes it is because I am; but again no it is not. 215 more words


I'd Like to be Proven Wrong

Ask conservative Christians, especially fundamentalists, what it would take to¬†change their minds about their religion, and many of them would say “Nothing could ever change my mind.” Funny, I also said that, before I realized the importance of being open-minded. 614 more words