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a light intermission

Somehow I couldn’t resist lol

It sums up how I feel about a lot of modern Paganism.

And here’s a little hybridization between Charles Darwin and the mutant Halloween rabbit from Donnie Darko. 79 more words


What's the Deal with Creativity?

What is creativity? Is it limited to artists and musicians? Is it just reserved for inventors of novel products?

I don’t think so. I believe that we are all born with a measure of creativity because that is the first attribute of God we see in the Bible. 318 more words


The Catholic Pagan: 10 Questions for Camille Paglia

Always refreshing to hear CP’s provocations 

I have very little contact with American academics, who are pitifully trapped in a sterile career system that has become paralyzed by political correctness.

61 more words

On the death of Avijit Roy

Some day there may be a story about an atheist hacking to death or blowing up someone because that person had offended against their adamant belief that there is no God.  378 more words


Dandelions in the Wind

Dandelions in the Wind      by: Gary Hays

No matter our technological advances, nor our historical lessons, there are variables in life which cannot, and never will be, explained. 486 more words


#27 Conflicted

You know it’s really easy to just give up and die. It just dawn upon me that I have very little reason to live. My parents and I aren’t getting along very well. 1,697 more words